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RRI – strategy in the Vysocina Region. Vysocina region in the of EU 212.12.2015.

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1 RRI – strategy in the Vysocina Region

2 Vysocina region in the of EU 212.12.2015

3 About the Region I Suitable position Good transport accessibility Developed industrial manufacturing Well educated and flexible labour force Areas prepared for developement Research centers‘ and scientific institutions‘potential

4 4 About II o strategic location between two biggest Czech cities - Prague and Brno o close to Austria (Vienna-170 km) o transport accessibility (motorway, railway) o international airports (Prague– 120 km, Brno - 80 km) o the cleanest part of the Czech Republic o main supplier of drinking water to Prague and Brno o healthiest population in the Czech Republic o the lowest mortality rate in the Czech Republic o 3 Unesco monuments in the region

5 Speaker 512.12.2015 doc. RNDr. Iveta Fryšová, Ph.D. Since 2009 she works as head of the Department of Regional Development of the Regional Authority of the Vysocina Region. She graduated in 2008 and worked at Palacky University in Olomouc in drug development, she is habilitated in the field of organic chemistry, author of dozens of publications and textbooks, author of several patents. In 2004, she worked on postdoctoral study programme at Bowling Green State University in the US. She has extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of investment and non-investment projects funded from various sources and processing long-term policies and strategies for regional development.

6 Economical structure Structure of the industry according to employment

7 Key sectors according RIS The Regional Innovation Strategy of the Vysocina is aimed at: metalworking industry and engineering, wood manufacturing, food industry and agriculture, automotive, IT and industrial automation. 712.12.2015

8 RIS Implemantation Priorities of RIS 1) Innovative infrastructure and technology transfer 2) Human resources and PR innovation activities 3) International relationships The profile of the region in relation to R&I - College of Polytechnics (Bc. Courses, 1 Master) - 2 branches of the Academy of Sciences (Centre of Excellence Telč, Institute of Vertebrate Biology) - 40 innovative companies (indicator - R&I workers, expenditures on R&I) - The Council for Innovation of the Vysocina Region (public, academic, business, scientific sector) 812.12.2015

9 RIS Implemantation II Innovation vouchers of the Vysocina Region Facilitating the establishment of research clusters in the Region of Vysocina Build a business incubator in the Vysocina Region Development of teaching staff at universities Student and high school teachers internships in companies One-stop shop center for programs promoting international cooperation The establishment of the Export center for innovative companies 912.12.2015

10 Vysočina is a member of EDM 1012.12.2015

11 Research and innovation Platform Lead region: Upper Palatinate, Platform manager: Eva Birner, eva.birner@bezirk-, +49 (0)941 9100 1701eva.birner@bezirk- Research and development contribute to economic growth and job creation. The region EDM has optimal conditions for research and development (universities and non-university research facilities, a dense network of innovative and technology centers). Main aims of the platform: o together with experts design new innovation and research strategy o stimulate networking in research and innovation o strengthen outward position of EDM as an area for innovation and research o present EDM as a space for innovation and research, place where many companies have their seat and labour market has various focus 1112.12.2015

12 Články Z Jihlavy k řece Isar: Čeští vědci hosty Vysoké školy v Landshutu: landshutu-257.html landshutu-257.html Von der Jihlava an die Isar: Wissenschaftler aus Tschechien zu Gast an der Hochschule Landshut: tschechien-zu-gast-an-der-hochschule-landshut-314.html Setkání výzkumu a hospodářství - Společný workshop znalostních platforem: znalostnich-platforem-235.html znalostnich-platforem-235.html Forschung trifft Wirtschaft – Gemeinschaftsworkshop 294.html 1212.12.2015

13 Synergie žijí! ERDV: Strategie pro inteligentní specializaci – Synergie pro regionální kooperaci: synergie-pro-regionalni-kooperaci-184.html Synergien leben! EDM: Smart Specialisation Strategien – Synergien für regionale Kooperation synergien-fur-regionale-kooperation-211.html Strategické rozhovory v sedmi regionech ERDV Strategiegespräche in 7 EDM-Regionen Evropský region Dunaj-Vltava jako prostor pro výzkum a inovace (Strana 10) Die Europaregion Donau-Moldau als Forschungs-und Innovationsraum (Seite 10) 1312.12.2015 Články

14 1412.12.2015 More information at: and

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