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Survey Vessel VALENTÝNA II. Aleš Rucký Jiří Pšenička

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3 Survey Vessel VALENTÝNA II. Aleš Rucký Jiří Pšenička

4 Participants in the Project GPS usage in the Project of Povodí Vltavy First Tests in 1998 Creation of Maps Verification of GPS Accuracy aboard the Valentýna Activation of the New System Used Equipment Questions and Answers Program

5 Participants in the Project Povodí Vltavy a.s., Praha Oy Meridata Finland Ltd. RSK s.r.o., Praha GEOVAP s.r.o., Pardubice Hydroinform a.s., Praha RACOM s.r.o., Nové Město na Mor. Arcus Geo s.r.o., Hradec Králové and others

6 GEOVAP, spol. s r.o. Head Office: Pardubice Branch Offices:Hradec Král. Kolín Č. Třebová Brno Founded in 1991 Today about 100 Employees Main Business Activities: Geodesy, Programming, System Integration of GIS, Industrial Automation, Sales and Services.

7 Modernization of the Vessel

8 Port of Mělník

9 First Tests

10 Creation of Map (Chart)

11 Photogrammetry Data Processing

12 RTK Accuracy Verification

13 Application of Automatic Total Station in SD a.s.

14 Bird’s-eye View of the Testing Site

15 RTK Accuracy Verification


17 50 m Max. difference (GG and tot. station) in position < 18 cm

18 $GPGGA,092237.00,5021.324867,N,01427.854611,E,3,12,00.9,00158.599,M,0044.83,M,010,0000*5F $GPGST,092237.00,00.127,,,,00.080,00.077,00.178*76 $GPGGA,101815.00,5018.595050,N,01429.709322,E,1,10,01.2,00201.962,M,0044.85,M,999,0000*5B $GPGST,101815.00,14.383,,,,15.493,06.198,17.427*73 CPD Corrected Positions: After the Loss of Radio Link:

19 Activation of New System

20 ASHTECH GG Surveyor (with RTK Option) Radiomodem RACOM Morse MR25 51 Echosounders (Transducers) Gyroscope Rayethon Stnd 20 Inclinometer Limnigraphs (1-2 between two Locks) Main Supplier Oy Meridata Finland Ltd Computers and Plotter HP Used Equipment

21 GG_Surveyor

22 River Wildlife


24 The Vltava Beauty

25 Questions and Answers


27 Teamwork Is the Word

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