Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Název projektuModerní škola Registrační číslo projektuCZ.1.07/1.5.00/34.0526 Název aktivity III/2 Inovace a zkvalitnění výuky prostřednictvím ICT Název.

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1 Název projektuModerní škola Registrační číslo projektuCZ.1.07/1.5.00/ Název aktivity III/2 Inovace a zkvalitnění výuky prostřednictvím ICT Název vzdělávacího materiáluREÁLIE Číslo vzdělávacího materiálu VY_32_INOVACE_05_01-BOURNEMOUTH UK Jméno autoraJAROSLAVA ČEJKOVÁ TEGEROVÁ Název školy Střední škola živnostenská Sokolov, příspěvková organizace „EU peníze středním školám“

2 BOURNEMOUTH A seaside resort in Dorset

3 D ORSET C OUNTY Dorset Dorset is a county in the south-west of England, on the English Channel coast. Bournemouth

4 Bournemouth The administrative centre of the county is the town of Bournemouth

5 A transparent map of Bournemouth

6 B OURNEMOUTH P IER The Bournemouth Pier with the Theatre and Pier Cafe attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you look South- West from the Pier, the nearest country which is „possible to see“ is Argentina in South America. If you want to stroll along the Pier, you must pay an entrance fee because the City Council made a bad financial decision in the past…

7 … a man-made surfing reef was built for £ but unfortunately it does not work. The money collected from the Bournemouth Pier entrance fee is used for the remedial works of that facility.

8 B OURNMOUTH BEACH CAUTIONS Tourist leaflets say: „… seven miles of Bournemouth beaches with golden sand give you a lot of opportunities to do water sports, ride a bike or go in- line skating…“ but there are many cautions and restrictions.



11 If the weather is not nice, you can visit Russel – Cottes Art Gallery and Museum located on the cliff with a stunning sea view. Sir Merton and his wife Annie Russel- Cottes travelled a lot and filled their house with remarkable items from their travels. Inside you will admire a large collection of Japanese objects, paintings by contemporary artists or ancient Greek statues.

12 B OURNEMOUTH G ARDENS Once you have left the coastline, you should have a walk through beautiful Bournemouth gardens and …

13 B OURNEMOUTH TETHERED B ALOON … admire the town from a bird‘s-eye perspective.

14 F ISH AND CHIPS Being hungry after a long walk, you can stop and have a typical English take-away dish of „ fish and chips “


16 S T. P ETER ‘ S C HURCH If you have read the horror story „Frankenstein“ by Mary Shelley, you have an opportunity to see her tombstone in St. Peter‘s Church, where she is buried with the heart of her husband, Percy Shelley.

17 T HE GRAVE OF M ARRY S HELLEY Percy Shelley, an English poet, died during his journey to Italy. Because of hot weather, he was cremated there, but his heart was delivered back to his wife in England.

18 B OURNEMOUTH HIGH STREET Bournemouth is a town for everybody. Shopping centres and promenades for ladies…


20 B OURNEMOUTH GENTLEMEN ‘ S CLUB … a guiet place for gentlemen to relax…

21 B OURNEMOUTH OCENARIUM … or the Bournemouth Ocenarium for children.

22 Crossing the road is safe, especially close to schools …

23 … and the street labeling is really well organized, so you always reach your target destination.

24 B OSCOM Typical late- Victorian family semidetached houses are only 14 feet wide. (4,20 m) A kitchen, dining room and living room are situated downstairs. A bathroom and two or three bedrooms are upstairs.

25 B OSCOM – BACK - YARDS A small back-yard, more or less tidy, is connected to each family house

26 C OMPREHENSIVE QUESTIONS Where is Bournemouth (Dorset) located? What country can you „see“ if you look South-West from the Bournemouth Pier? What activities does the tourist leaflet offer. What is the reality? Why do visitors to the Bournemouth Pier have to pay a fee? What is possible to see in the Russell-Cottes Art Gallery and Museum? What do you remember about Mary Shelley and her husband? How can people / tourists spend their free time away from the coastline? What are typical late-Victorian houses like? If you can‘t remember, go through this presentation once again

27 Sources: Informace o městě Bournemouth byly získány během čtrnáctidenního pobytu v této lokalitě Informace o Russell-Cottes Art Gallery and Museum byly získány z výkladu průvodkyně při osobní návštěvě muzea AUTOR NEUVEDEN. Bournemouth group and coach travel guide Bournemouth: lovegroups, 2013, ISBN NEUVEDENO. Obrázky Všechny uvedené fotografie jsou autorské snímky pořízené v červnu 2013

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