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Summer Vacation

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1 Summer Vacation

2 What do you want to do? say, eat, read, see, draw Where do you want to go? travel, ride, drive, swim, live, sleep I want to go to the beach. sea, theater, cinema, pub, ocean Do you want to have some fun? coffee, tea, ice cream, beer, wine In the summer, the beach is fun. school, dancing, dating girls, dreaming

3 jetskiing building sandcastles canoeing kayaking

4 surfing windsurfing swimming sunbathing scuba diving diving

5 fishing sailing rafting water skiing

6 Have you ever tried scuba diving? Do you like skiing? jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, diving, fishing, sailing, rafting, water skiing No, I have never tried. Yes, I‘ve tried it once.

7 1.Co chceš dělat? 2.Chceš jít do kina? 3.Chci jít do hospody. 4.Máš rád opalování? 5.Mám rád jízdu na kánoi. 6.Zkusil jsi někdy jízdu na plachetnici? 7.Ne, nikdy.

8 At the Seaside

9 It is a bit chilly at the seaside, so the most people are wrapped up. The children are building sandcastles with their buckets and spades. They are wearing swimming costumes. The adults are lounging in the deckchairs or sheltering behind windbreaks. Donkey rides are a popular form of a seaside enterteinment in Britain. People stay in one of the many hotels.

10 The best hotels are like this one: with a sea view and close to the beaches. The sea is a bit too cold to swim in, but people enjoy paddling in the shallow water. It is rare to see the sun at the seaside. Most of the time it is cloudy and cold. Fish and chips are one of the most popular meals at the seaside. The fish is fried in a thick coat of batter.

11 CD – Oxford Word Skills - Lesson 57


13 Přeložte: 1.Strávili jsme sedm dní u moře. 2.Pronajali jsme si dům blízko pláže. 3.Bylo oblačno a chladno. 4.Ale moře bylo teplé. 5.Naše děti stavěly hrady z písku. 6.Nosily plavky.

14 The Girls On The Beach - The Beach Boys

15 Ah ah ah ah oo ooo ooo oo ahh The girls on the beach On the beach you'll find them there In the sun and salty air The girls on the beach Are all within reach If you know what to do How we love to lie around Girls with tans of golden brown The girls on the beach Are all within reach And one waits there for you (Girls on the beach) The sun in her hair The warmth of the air On a summer day As the sun dips out of sight Couples on the beach at night The girls on the beach Are all within reach And with the boys tonight (Girls on the beach) Girls on the beach, girls on the beach Girls on the beach, girls on the beach The Beach Boys: Girls On The Beach

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