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Australia and New Zealand. Australia New Zealand -People -Economy -Basic facts -Places of interest Contents.

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1 Australia and New Zealand

2 Australia New Zealand -People -Economy -Basic facts -Places of interest Contents

3 Anotace Austrálie je stát, ale zároveň kontinent. V Austrálii žije 17 662 000 obyvatel a na Novém Zélandu žije 3 502 000 obyvatel. Hlavní město Austrálie je Canberra a Nového Zélandu je Wellington. Úředním jazykem Austrálie a Nového Zélandu je angličtina. V obou zemích žije několik druhů rostlin a živočichů, které se nikde jinde nevyskytují. Nový Zéland je od Austrálie vzdálený přes 1600 km. Tasmánie je od Austrálie vzdálená 300 km. Dopravu z Austrálie do Tasmánie zajišťuje trajekt, který funguje podobně jako u nás MHD

4 Australia

5 People that on this place, they‘re named,,Aboriginals¨ Today in Australia live about 1,5% Aboriginals A huge part of Australians came from Europe, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece and Italy People- Before

6 Australian favourite sports are rugby, cricket and all kinds of water sports Some of them live in farms, away from cities Big cities like Sydney are proud culture of Asians and Europeans People-Today

7 There is a lot of nuclear power stations and thermal power stations Japan and USA are the main business partners Australia has got many sources of minerals like uranium, jewelery, automobiles and various kinds of chemicals Uranium mining is very safe because there are mines in inland Economy

8 Canberra is the capital The area is 7 713 364 sq km Mt. Kosciusko (2 230 meters) is the highest mountain in Australia Government is constitutional monarchy, in practice a parliementary democracy English is the official language and Australian Dollar is the main currency Basic facts

9 Sydney- Largest city The famous Sydney Opera House looks like waves breaking on the shore Canberra- National capital since 1927 Melbourne- second largest city there are many parks and gardens and the Royal Botanic Garden Adelaide- Is a beatiful city with many gardens and luxurious houses Tasmania- Is a island state off the Southeastern coast Perth- Is perhaps the worlds most isolated large city Ayers Rock- Huge sandstone rises 348 metres Great Barrier Reef- Worlds longest coral reef 2000 km Places of interest

10 New Zealand

11 Citizens of New Zealand are mostly from Europe Maori are than 10% of the population of New Zealand Colonization began in the 9th century People-Before

12 People-Today Favourite sports are golf, skiing,tennis, rugby, cricket, sailing, climbing and running The average age of men is 75 years and the average age of women is 81 years 76% of married couples have no children People-Today

13 Their economy starts to grow because of production and export of wine There are also good conditions for growing of cereals, corn, barley, apples and wine There are a lot of rivers and there are good conditions for water power stations Of course nature arouses attention of tourists from all over the world Economy

14 Wellington is the capital The area is 270 530 sq km Mt. Cook (3 754 meters) is the highest mountain in New Zealand Government is a constitutional monarchy Dollar is currency of New Zealand Christianity is the main religion Is devided into 2 islands – North and South Basic Facts

15 Auckland - is the biggest city of New Zealand, the city is situated on an extinct volcano Queenstown - is smaller city in the South Island Wellington - is the capital of New Zealand since 1865 Rotorua - there are geothermal activies Banks Peninsula - it is the sea, which is beatiful Christchurch - it is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand Places of interest

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