Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Modal Verbs = způsobová slovesa.

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1 Modal Verbs = způsobová slovesa

2 Modal Verbs Can Could May Might Will Would Shall Should Must Have to
Need = mohl, směl = moci, umět = možná = smět, možná = by = bude = mám (něco udělat) = měl bych = muset = muset = potřebovat

3 Modal Verbs Can not = can´t May not Will not = won´t Shall not
Need not =Needn´t !!! Must not = Mustn´t !!! Could not = Couldn´t Might not Would not = wouldn´t Should not = shouldn´t = nemůžu, neumím = možná ne = nebude = nemám (něco udělat) = nemuset = nesmět = nemohl = možná ne = by ne = neměl by

4 Modal Verbs Ve všech osobách stejný tvar. (= infinitiv)
Oznamovací větu tvoříme následovně: podmět + způsobové sloveso + infinitiv I can swim. He can swim. Otázka se tvoří převrácením pořadí: způsobové sloveso + podmět + infinitiv Can you swim? Can she swim? Zápor je tvořen přidáním záporného – not: Podmět + způsobové sloveso + not + infinitiv We can not swim. They can´t swim.

5 Task 1 Choose a correct modal verb.
Where is Peter? It´s 09:30 so he must/can´t/mustn´t be at school. The first lesson starts at 8 o´clock. Do you want me to call your parents so they must/can/can´t pick you up? I am sorry, but I mustn´t/must/can´t go to the cinema with you today. You mustn´t/needn´t/can´t smoke at the bus station. It is not allowed. It might/must/can be sunny tommorow. We have our trip to Prague. I can´t/can/must get my computer to save this file. You may/will/should wear glassess because you can´t see what´s on the board.

6 Task 1 Solution 1. Must 2. Can 3. Can´t 4. Mustn´t 5. Must 6. Can´t
7. Should

7 Task 2 needn´t can (3X) must need could should may mustn´t
1. She ___ run 5 kilometres a day. 2. When she was young, she _____ swim across the lake. 3. _____ you please tell me how to get there? 4. You _____ ask Jane to help you. 5. ____ I have some more coffee? 6. You _____ work hard to be good at school. 7. We ______ take an umbrella with us, in case it starts to rain. 8. You _____ call emergency if you are not in danger. 9. You ______to take her with you. You can go alone. 10. I ____ to buy something to eat. There is nothing in my fridge.

8 Task 2 Solution 1. Can 2. Could 3. Can 4. May 5. Can 6. Must 7. Should
8. Mustn´t 9. Needn´t 10. Need More alternatives are possible.

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