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MATURITA TOPICS The USA_General facts II_10

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1 MATURITA TOPICS The USA_General facts II_10
ANJ_Maturita MATURITA TOPICS The USA_General facts II_10 Mgr. Filip Soviš

2 Anotace Materiál nastiňuje základní obecná fakta k maturitnímu tématu The United States of America. Část druhá. Umožňuje použití pro samostatnou práci. Je možné jej poskytnou nepřítomným žákům. Autor Mgr. Filip Soviš (Autor) Jazyk Angličtina Očekávaný výstup 23–41–M/01 Strojírenství 26-41-M/01 Elektrotechnika 53-41-M/01 Zdravotnický asistent 65-42-M/01 Hotelnictví Speciální vzdělávací potřeby - žádné - Klíčová slova The United States of America, General facts II Druh učebního materiálu Prezentace Druh interaktivity Kombinované Cílová skupina Žák Stupeň a typ vzdělávání odborné vzdělávání Typická věková skupina let Vazby na ostatní materiály Je součástí ANJ konverzace

3 The United States of America
PART II Geography (landscape, climate, rivers, parks, etc.) People, Nationalities, Languages Lifestyle (culture, sports, events, etc.) Agriculture, Industry Other

4 The United States of America
Can you name any geographical features in the US: mountains, rivers, lakes, national parks …? a land of many diverse terrains The Rocky Mountains (from the west to the centre of the country) the highest mountain is Mount McKinley (6,194 m) in Alaska The Great Lakes – Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior – on the US border with Canada The Grand Canyon (a large canyon system in Arizona) big variations of climate (from the arctic cold in northern Alaska to subtropical warm of Hawaii and the Gulf Coast States) national parks: Yellowstone in Wyoming; Yosemite in the Sierra Nevada; the Rocky Mts in Colorado; the Grand Canyon in Arizona

5 The United States of America
Name some ethnic groups in the US. wide variety of ethnic groups, traditions, and values (immigration) both a homogenizing melting pot and a heterogeneous salad bowl Race/Ethnicity: white Americans: the racial majority African Americans: the largest racial minority Asian Americans (esp. Chinese American and Filipino American) Hispanic (of any race): the largest ethnic minority small Native American and Native Hawaiian populations mainstream American culture = a Western culture: the traditions of European immigrants + traditions brought by slaves from Africa, or recently Asia and especially Latin America has added to a cultural mix

6 The United States of America
Who are some famous people from America? writers: Ernest Hemingway (both an author and a journalist); F. Scott Fitzgerald (novel The Great Gatsby); music: Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Madonna artist: Andy Warhol (the visual art movement known as pop art) sportsmen: Michael Phelps (swimmer), LeBron James (basketball), Zach Parise (hockey), Tiger Woods (golfer), Alex Rodriguez (baseball), Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (boxer) movie industry: Walt Disney (a leader in both animated film and movie merchandising) moviemakers: Alfred Hitchcock (1939), Francis F. Coppola, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino actors and actresses: Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe

7 The United States of America
Could you describe some typical American sports and pastimes? baseball is called America's favourite pastime (a bat‑and‑ball sport; adapted from English cricket) American football (from British rugby) basketball (to throw a ball through a hoop) ice-hockey tennis golf

8 The United States of America
What do you know about agriculture / industry? Where is American industry located? agriculture; chemical, machinery industries and cars rich in minerals and raw materials the fastest growing industries: aeronautics, space technology, computers the service sector (tourism, banking, transportation; two thirds) agriculture (corn, soybeans, tomatoes, oranges, apples and tobacco); in the Hawaii = Mid-Pacific (sugar cane, pineapples) mineral resources: gold, silver, platinum and petroleum mainly in Alaska; petroleum and natural gas in Texas, Oklahoma and in the Gulf of Mexico; coal (the Appalachian mountains and Lake Michigan) main trading partners: Canada, Japan, Mexico, GB and Germany

9 The United States of America
Would you like to go to the US? Why? Why not? Absolutely / sure / yes, I love American… culture / style / humour. It must be a very interesting place. The American landscape is beautiful. The US is the wealthiest nation / country in the world. It would be a good opportunity to make money. No / no way / absolutely not… because American people are superficial / materialistic. There is a lot of crime. It doesn’t have such an interesting history.

10 The United States of America
Which regions are popular with tourists? Where are the cultural centres of the US? Do you like American traditions (holidays), culture, literature, film? Why?

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