Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Základní škola Třemošnice, okres Chrudim, Pardubický kraj 538 43 Třemošnice, Internátní 217; IČ: 70989176, tel: 469 661 719, emaiI:

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Prezentace na téma: "Základní škola Třemošnice, okres Chrudim, Pardubický kraj 538 43 Třemošnice, Internátní 217; IČ: 70989176, tel: 469 661 719, emaiI:"— Transkript prezentace:

1 Základní škola Třemošnice, okres Chrudim, Pardubický kraj Třemošnice, Internátní 217; IČ: , tel: , emaiI: Registrační číslo: CZ.1.07/1.4.00/ Název: Škola pro každého – kvalita a efektivnost ve využití lidských Výukový materiál VY_22_INOVACE_09_ Revision exercises – part 2 Název materiálu (téma): Revision exercises – part 2 Sada:Angličtina,2. stupeň Autor: Mgr. Alena Chaloupková Anotace: Revision exercises – part 2 (práce s interaktivní tabulí, pracovní list) © Výukový materiál je majetkem ZŠ Třemošnice, okres Chrudim, Pardubický kraj, 2012

2 Revision exercises – part 2 Teacher: Mgr. Alena Chaloupková Class: 6 Date : 21st March 2012 Subject: English Topic: Grammar and vocabulary exercises Present simple tense, present continuous tense, present simple and present continuous tenses in wh…-questions, pronouns Type of interactivity: Interactive board worksheets These exercises can be used for grammar revision

3 A Use the present simple tense and complete the sentences with a correct form of the verb in brackets. 1 I ______ Cassidy. (be) 2I ________ in a small town in Ireland. It often _______ here. (live, rain) 3Oliver _______ my friend. (be) 4He lives on a farm. (live) 5My mum, dad and me _______ Oliver‘s family very often. (visit) 6My parents _______ on the farm. (help) 7Oliver ________on the farm and I _______ him. (help, help) 8We _______animals. Oliver _________ that work. (feed, like) 9The work on the farm _______ very hard. Goats and cows _______ a lot of grass in the meadows. (be, eat) 10My father _____________ there. (go fishing) 11I ____________ fish. (not like) 12And what about you? Do you ___________ fish? (eat)

4 B Use the present continuous tense to complete the following sentences. 1 The bell ___________, the break ____________. (ring, begin) 2 These are my schoolmates in the classroom. I am not in the photo, I ____________this photo. (take) 3 Three girls ___________at their desks. (sit) 4 Listen, they____________ about homework. (talk) 5 My friend Phil and Tom ______________their mobile headset. (wear) 6 They _______________to their favourite music. (listen) 7 Four boys and two girls___________ out from the classroom.(run) 8 I think,they _____________to the school canteen. (go) 9 Five girls _____________ English exercise. (read) 10 Paul and John______________. Is it homework? (write) 11 The other schoolmates aren‘t at school. They are ill. I think, they ___________PC games or _____________TV. (play, watch) 12 Nobody can go out. It _____________. (snow)

5 C Make the questions to these answers 1 I come from Běstvina. Where _____ you_____________ ? 2 I go to school by bus. How _____you ________ to school? 3 My friend lives in Čáslav. He goes to school by train. How______ your friend _______to school? 4 Our lessons start at twenty - five past seven. When ______ your lessons _______? 5 I like Czech language lesson. We are reading a nice book now. What ______ you ________ now? 6 My friend is listening to my reading because the book is really interesting. Why ______your friend ___________ to your reading? 7. She likes books. What ________ she__________? 8. Michael is ill. He isn‘t at school now. He is sleeping, because he is tired and sick. Why _________he___________?

6 D Complete the sentences.Use the correct pronoun. 1 I love one English song. ___ is about family. 2 The singer is singing: „This is _____. These are my mum and dad. I love _____.They love______. And this is our family.“ 3 I also like my pet. ____ is a male. His name is Dany. Do you like _______? 4 Here we are in this picture. Can you see______ ? 5 In this picture you can see my friend, Jane. Do you know______? 6 This boy is my schoolmate. Meet _______. 7 Look at that girl. ______ is new here. 8 Where is my pen. Give it to_______. 9 My sister is afraid of snakes. She can‘t look at ________. 10 _____ must get off. Let us go.

7 Key ABCD 1 am1 is ringing… is beginning 1 do….come from1 It 2 live… rains2 am taking2 do….go…2 me…them…me 3 is3 are sitting3 does…go…3 It…him 4 lives4 are talking4 do…start4 us 5 visit5 are wearing5 are….reading…5 her 6 help6 are listening6 is…listening…6 him 7 helps… help7 are running7 does…like7 she 8 feed… likes8 are going8 is ….sleeping8 me 9 is… eat9 are reading9 them 10 goes fishing10 are writing10 We 11 don‘t like11 are playing… watching 12 eat12 is snowing

8 Literature: Inspired by Tom Hutchinson, Project 2, Oxford University Press, 1999

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