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MATURITA TOPICS The USA_General facts I_09

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1 MATURITA TOPICS The USA_General facts I_09
ANJ_Maturita MATURITA TOPICS The USA_General facts I_09 Mgr. Filip Soviš

2 Anotace Materiál nastiňuje základní obecná fakta k maturitnímu tématu The United States of America. Část první. Umožňuje použití pro samostatnou práci. Je možné jej poskytnou nepřítomným žákům. Autor Mgr. Filip Soviš (Autor) Jazyk Angličtina Očekávaný výstup 23–41–M/01 Strojírenství 26-41-M/01 Elektrotechnika 53-41-M/01 Zdravotnický asistent 65-42-M/01 Hotelnictví Speciální vzdělávací potřeby - žádné - Klíčová slova The United States of America, General facts I Druh učebního materiálu Prezentace Druh interaktivity Kombinované Cílová skupina Žák Stupeň a typ vzdělávání odborné vzdělávání Typická věková skupina let Vazby na ostatní materiály Je součástí ANJ konverzace

3 The United States of America
PART I Basic Facts Myth Individual States Symbols Political System Other

4 The United States of America
What basic facts do you know about the US? America called after Amerigo Vespucci (Italian explorer) 50 states + District of Columbia to the north by Canada and to the south by Mexico third most populated in the world, more than 300 million most widely spoken language is English, but in many areas Spanish motto: "In God We Trust" the National anthem is called "The Star‑Spangled Banner" time zone: (UTC = Universal Time Coordinated: −5 to −10) currency: United States dollar ($) (USD) American cultural icons: apple pie, baseball, and the American flag the "melting pot" of nations

5 The United States of America
A MYTH Fiction in western films the American West portrayed as a wild and exciting place – honest, brave, strong good cowboys on one side and baddies on the other that is how writers from the east coast described the West Fact the reality wasn't at all like that  most people in the West were farmers (quite boring lives)

6 The United States of America
How many states does the US consist of? What does the flag symbolize? States 50 states and a federal district (District of Columbia) two states, Alaska and Hawaii, not directly attached to the continental US the National flag consists of 2 oblongs: a smaller blue oblong with 50 white stars symbolizing 50 states one larger oblong consisting of 6 white and 7 red stripes symbolizing the original 13 colonies often called "Old Glory" or "Stars and Stripes"

7 The United States of America
Could you tell me something more specific about the individual states? Alaska (Juneau) the largest state, the longest coastline California (Sacramento) the most populous state Delaware (Dover) the first state that ratified the Constitution of the US  nicknamed "The First State" Florida (Tallahassee) nicknamed "the Sunshine State" spacecraft launchings from Cape Canaveral

8 The United States of America
Hawaii (Honolulu) the most recent U.S. state (1959) made up entirely of islands (in Polynesia) attack on Pearl Harbor by Imperial Japan on December 7, 1941 Tennessee (Nashville) country music, particularly in Nashville and Memphis, where Elvis grew up Texas (Austin) the second largest state by area and population

9 The United States of America
What do you know about American history? the Native Americans from Asia across the Bering Strait in 1492 Christopher Columbus  "Indians" 1620 Mayflower with 102 Puritans = the Pilgrim Fathers  October 1621 the first Thanksgiving Day 13 colonies under English rule (except New Orleans – French, Florida – Spanish) July 4th 1776 the Declaration of Independence (Thomas Jefferson) George Washington the first American president in 1789 1945 the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1969 astronaut Neil Armstrong landed on the moon 2001 a terrorist attack on New York City and Washington, DC

10 The United States of America
What do you know about the Declaration of Independence? in 1775 a Continental Army established under the command of George Washington (defeated the British Empire ) the United States founded by the thirteen British colonies the Declaration of Independence: drafted largely by Thomas Jefferson, on July 4, 1776 the right to self‑determination now celebrated annually as America's Independence Day

11 The United States of America
What can you tell me about the American system of government? a federation of 50 states, one federal district (the capital), and other territories self‑governing states (each state has the governor, its own laws: sales taxes, education, speed limits, environmental protection, unemployment benefits, gambling, drinking, divorce) united by a federal government – three branches: executive power (the President and Executive office) legislative power (the Congress - the Senate (100 members) and the House of Representatives (435 plus 6 non‑voting members) judiciary power (the Supreme Court and all other Federal courts) the President – 4-year term (twice); the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

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