Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Jitka Chlubnová. Several names for airport:  Airfield  Airport  Airbase.

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Prezentace na téma: "Jitka Chlubnová. Several names for airport:  Airfield  Airport  Airbase."— Transkript prezentace:

1 Jitka Chlubnová

2 Several names for airport:  Airfield  Airport  Airbase

3  Typical for general aviation  Usually equipped with unpaved runway covered by grass  Surface is not made from concrete or asphalt  Usually without lights  Only few buildings and small wooden hangars  Only Aerodrome Flight Information Services is provided  Usually Aerodrome Traffic Zone is established around


5  Usually larger than airfield  It can be formed by lot of buildings, movement areas and efficient systems and equipment necessary for busy air traffic  Due to lot of aircraft Air traffic service is usually provided  Control zone and terminal control area is established around  Paved runway is typical, usually made from concrete.  Equipped with lighting system


7  It is common term for military airport.  Bigger than airfield but smaller than airport  Only or partly for military air traffic, in same case landing of civilian aircraft is approved  Somewhere you can find both military and civilian traffic.  Runway and taxiways are made from concrete


9  Runway  Taxiway  Apron  Parking area Runway is a rectangle area which is used for landing and taking-off aircraft. Sometimes it can be used for taxiing. Runway can be equipped by lights and markings. Large international airports use more than one runway.

10  Instrument runway can allow instrument landing when it is equipped with proper approach lights system and instrument landing system, usually used by IFR flights  Non-instrument runway is approved only for visual approach.  Military airbase grass strip is located next to the runway for emergency landing or dropping external fuel tank.  Runway arresting gear Barrier Cable – for aircraft with arrester hook

11  Taxiway connects each part of airport, usually aprons or parking area with runway.  It is used for taxiing or any movement of aircraft on airport.  It is made from concrete or asphalt.  Marking has yellow color

12  Tower - highest building on aerodrome used for AFIS or ATC  Terminal - building for passengers with check-in, custom office, gates  Hangars - large simple building for aircraft maintenance and repairs  Shelter - concrete bunker for aircraft covered by grass typical for military airbase  Logistic buildings - for support


14 Runway lights Runway edge lights Runway threshold lights Runway end lights Runway centre line lights Approach lighting system - necessary for instrument approach and approach during nights and bad meteorological instrument Taxiway lights - blue color


16  ILS (Instrument landing system ) formed by Localizer situated behind end of instrument runway Glide path situated next to a runway 300 m behind threshold  PAR (Precision approach radar) - used by ATC who gives instruction to a pilot controlling aircraft during precision approach  NDB

17  Aircraft tug - for towing, pushing of aircraft  Fuel truck - for refueling  Ground power unit - for engine starting-up  Fire truck - for emergency situation  Ambulance - for medical assistance  Snow plough - for snow removing during winter  Catering truck - for food support

18  Maneuvering area provozní plocha  Concrete beton  General aviation všeobecné letectví  Paved / Unpaved zpevn ě ný/nezpevn ě ný  Movement areas pohybové plochy  Determine ur č ovat, rozlišovat  Shelter úkryt  External fuel tank p ř ídavná nádr ž  Runway arresting gear záchytné dráhové za ř ízení  Barrier záchytná sí ť  Arrester hook záchytný hák.  Embarkation nastoupení do letadla, nalod ě ní

19  Check - in deskodbavovací p ř epá ž ka  Hand luggagep ř íru č ní zavazadlo  Baggagezavazadla  Boarding cardpalubní vstupenka  Carouselpás k p ř eprav ě zavazadel  Flight attendantstevard, letuška  Seatbeltbezpe č nostní pás  Luggage(buggage) reclaimvýdej zavazadel  Sharp objectsostré p ř edm ě ty  Passport controlpasová kontrola

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