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Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

MYTHS and LEGENDS the unifying element of European culture

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1 MYTHS and LEGENDS the unifying element of European culture

2 SCHOOL TOWN REGION Author: Petr Boček, GJJ Litoměřice

3 Summary Ústecký kraj (Usti region) Town Litoměřice
Gymnázium Josefa Jungmana (grammar school)

4 Ústecký kraj

5 Ústecký region Ústí nad Labem Region (Czech: Ústecký kraj) is an administrative unit (Czech: kraj) of the Czech Republic, located in the north-western part of its historical region of Bohemia. It is named after its capital Ústí nad Labem. The region neighbors are the Liberec Region (in the east), the Central Bohemian Region (in the south), Plzeň Region (a short border in the south west), the Karlovy Vary Region (in the west), Saxony (Germany, in the north). The region is divided into seven districts: Děčín District, Chomutov District, Litoměřice District, Louny District, Most District, Teplice District and Ústí nad Labem District.

6 Ústecký region districts

7 Calvary - three crosses (Kalvárie – tři kříže) Legend of three maidens

8 Legend of Přemysl Oráč (Premyslid plaughman)
Přemysl Oráč, according to legend founder of dynasty Premyslids was found in Stadice

9 A view from Kostelíčky na Ostré nad Úštěkem (churches above the town Úštěk – 17km from Litoměřice)

10 Agriculture in the Czech Republic České středohoří (Central Bohemian Uplands)

11 Říp Mountain is the sacred mountain of the Czech nation (22km from Litoměřice)

12 Castle Střekov (20km from Litoměřice)

13 Chateau Ploskovice (5km from Litoměřice)

14 Porta Bohemica The canyon through the Elbe which the river enters to the České Středohoří (Central Bohemian Uplands)

15 Litoměřice Czech pronunciation: [ˈlɪtomɲɛr̝ɪtsɛ] In German: Leitmeritz
The town is situated at the junction of the rivers Elbe (Czech: Labe) and Ohře (German: Eger) in the north part of the Czech Republic, approximately 64 km northwest from Prague.

16 Josef Jungmann Czech philologist and lexicographer, writer and translator. From 1799 to 1815 he taught at the grammar school in Litoměřice. Since 1800, at the local grammar school he taught Czech language, for which he did not receive a salary, and was the first teacher of Czech Laguage in Czech.. Today the Litomerice grammar school bears his name.

17 Karel Hynek Mácha Czech poet and writer
The most important representative of Czech Romanticism The founder of modern Czech poetry

18 Litoměřice in spring

19 Walls between the town and the Elbe river (background Jesuit Church of the Annunciation Panna Maria)

20 A view from a typical street in the town (Masarykova Street)

21 Castle Litoměřice (view from street Na Valech)

22 Tyrš bridge upon the river Elbe

23 Bishopric and Cathedral of St. Stephen

24 Cathedral of St. Stephen from Dom Square at night

25 Night in Litoměřice All Saints Church
Litoměřice main square (Náměstí míru)

26 Christmas in Litoměřice (2014)
Kalich (calyx) and hotel Salva Guarda **** (14th century, by Ambrogio Ballim Vlach (Italian architect rebuilt in the Renaissance style))

27 Gymnázium Josefa Jungmanna

28 Gymnázium Josefa Jungmanna
Gymnázium Josefa Jungmanna is a grammar school located in Litoměřice in the Usti region, the Czech Republic. It is named after a Bohemian writer Josef Jungmann, who taught here from 1799 to 1815. The grammar school is the only school of this kind in Litoměřice. The building was built in the 17th century. There are 26 classrooms in the building. In 2011, the school reached the highest Matura (high-school leaving exam) success rate out of all high schools in the Usti region.

29 The park in front of school (Jiráskovy sady)

30 There are interior pictures to display the performance within the school Noticeboards of subjects

31 Sports facilities Table tennis hall Our small gym
Our bigger gym (after reconstruction) Our small gym

32 A standard classroom (empty mathematics classroom)
And also in the classroom during a lesson

33 The best classroom at school

34 A noticeboard with prosperous students of our school

35 A prosperous student from GJJ
RNDr. Gunther Kletetschka, Ph.D. Institute of Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics NASA/Goddard Space Flight Centre, Solar System Exploration (2005 – 2011) Radomil Eliška - The Czech conductor plk. prof. MUDr. Miroslav Zavoral, Ph.D. Czech doctor, internist - a gastroenterologist The director of the Central Military hospital in Prague

36 Květoslava Jeriová-Pecková
Mgr.Kamila Vodičková Czech women's basketball player She played for the North American WNBA's Seattle Storm and Phoenix Mercury She represented Czechoslovakia at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona Květoslava Jeriová-Pecková former Czechoslovakian representative in cross country skiing. She is a triple Olympic medalist from the and 1984 (1x silver, 2x bronze) Former teacher in our school

37 Ludvík Kundera Milan Bruncvík
Czech poet, playwright, novelist, translator from German, editor, literary historian Medal of Merit (State honor) Milan Bruncvík Czech representative in rowing First Czech participant in traditional row boat race Oxford – Cambridge World Cup: 2002 Junior (1st place) World Cup: 2006 U23 (1st place) European Championships (1st place)

38 Achievements The school renowned for its results in the prestigious history contest held in Cheb. In a large competition from other high schools from the Czech Republic. The school won one of the first three positions during the 6 years from 2008 until (3x first position!)

39 Achievements An excellent school representative is Štěpán Šimsa in mathematics and programming, who brought a gold medal from the International Mathematical Olympiad in Columbia (brought a gold medal), and won a bronze medal in programming in Australia.

40 Activities at school Angelic games Christmas concert

41 Ski course Exchange visit in the Netherlands

42 A typical ball before the school leaving exams with students from our school

43 Resources Many thanks to Roman Zázvorka for the beautiful photos and also to Radim Nytl Photo plk. prof. MUDr. Miroslav Zavoral, Ph. D. Photo RNDr. Gunther Kletetschka, Ph.D. : Photo Radomil Eliška : Photo Jakub Praibiš : and Kamila Vodičková : Song :

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