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MATURITA TOPICS The USA_Cities_11 Mgr. Filip Soviš ANJ_Maturita

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1 MATURITA TOPICS The USA_Cities_11 Mgr. Filip Soviš ANJ_Maturita

2 Anotace Materiál nastiňuje základní fakta o vybraných městech k maturitnímu tématu The United States of America. Umožňuje použití pro samostatnou práci. Je možné jej poskytnou nepřítomným žákům. AutorMgr. Filip Soviš (Autor) JazykAngličtina Očekávaný výstup 23–41–M/01 Strojírenství 26-41-M/01 Elektrotechnika 53-41-M/01 Zdravotnický asistent 65-42-M/01 Hotelnictví Speciální vzdělávací potřeby- žádné - Klíčová slovaThe United States of America Druh učebního materiáluPrezentace Druh interaktivityKombinované Cílová skupinaŽák Stupeň a typ vzděláváníodborné vzdělávání Typická věková skupina16 - 19 let Vazby na ostatní materiályJe součástí ANJ konverzace

3 The United States of America on Puget Sound (a narrow passage of the Pacific Ocean) The Space Needle (a famous observation tower built in the 1960s) also home to many bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam beautiful mountains, rivers and parks known for its environmental friendliness nickname for Portland is "The City of Roses" or "Rose City" (climate ideal for growing roses) Seattle (Washington) Portland (Oregon) What are some of the most famous cities in America? What can you tell me about them?

4 The United States of America on the shores of Lake Michigan rivers the Chicago and the Calumet Willis Tower (442 m, formerly Sears Tower, the tallest skyscraper 1974-1998) a large Czech and Slovak community O'Hare Airport – the busiest airpport in the world the Navy Pier also a city of jazz and blues clubs centre of the car industry (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler) Chicago (Illinois) Detroit (Michigan)

5 The United States of America Boston (Massachusetts) scene of several key events of the American Revolution, such as the Boston Massacre (1770), the Boston Tea Party (1773) Boston's many firsts: the United States' first public school (1635) and first subway system (1897) an international centre of higher education and medicine one of the birthplaces of the hardcore punk genre of music art museums: the Museum of Fine Arts; the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Logan Airport is Boston's principal airport the heart of Silicon Valley (tech companies like Google and Apple) San José (California)

6 The United States of America many earthquakes a picturesque city with steep streets and cable cars the Golden Gate Bridge (1,280m long) Alcatraz Island with its former prison (Al Capone) Fisherman’s Wharf (a waterfront area with many tourist attractions) the capital of the film world (Hollywood; Beverly Hills) Universal Studios, Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame from the Spanish for "the City of Angels" semi-tropical climate (palm trees and beaches) San Francisco (California) Los Angeles (California)

7 The United States of America a port town, by the river Mississippi the home of jazz and the birthplace of Louis Armstrong (the best jazz can still be heard in its French Quarter) synonymous with jazz music, Cajun food and a liberal attitude the centre of French ‑ American culture badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 the capital of country music home to a large number of colleges and universities nicknames: "Music City" or "Athens of the South" New Orleans (Louisiana) Nashville (Tennessee)

8 The United States of America the largest city in the South the home of Coca Cola and CNN unique attractions, such as a museum dedicated to Coca Cola famous for gambling, hotels and casinos Atlanta (Georgia) Las Vegas (Nevada) famous for its parties, beaches, and Cuban food (many immigrants) the Freedom Tower (a memorial to Cuban immigration to the US) nicknamed the "Capital of Latin America" Miami (Florida)

9 The United States of America home to NASA's Space Center the largest fine arts museum in the Southwest was known for its real ‑ life cowboys, or ranchers now famous for the Dallas Cowboys who play American football the Sixth Floor Museum, dedicated to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy Houston (Texas) Dallas (Texas) probably one of Texas' prettiest cities a beautiful River Walk filled with restaurants and shops San Antonio (Texas)

10 The United States of America Which regions are popular with tourists? Where are the cultural centres of the US? Which cities would you like to visit and why?

11 Which city is known as the city of films? Where was jazz born? Where can you find the Golden Gate Bridge? Where is the largest ZOO in the USA? Why do people go to Las Vegas?

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