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MATURITA TOPICS The United Kingdom_London_08 Mgr. Filip Soviš ANJ_Maturita

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1 MATURITA TOPICS The United Kingdom_London_08 Mgr. Filip Soviš ANJ_Maturita

2 Anotace Materiál nastiňuje základní fakta o Londýně, hlavním městě Velké Británie. Umožňuje použití pro samostatnou práci. Je možné jej poskytnou nepřítomným žákům. AutorMgr. Filip Soviš (Autor) JazykAngličtina Očekávaný výstup 23–41–M/01 Strojírenství 26-41-M/01 Elektrotechnika 53-41-M/01 Zdravotnický asistent 65-42-M/01 Hotelnictví Speciální vzdělávací potřeby- žádné - Klíčová slovaLondon Druh učebního materiáluPrezentace Druh interaktivityKombinované Cílová skupinaŽák Stupeň a typ vzděláváníodborné vzdělávání Typická věková skupina16 - 19 let Vazby na ostatní materiályJe součástí ANJ konverzace

3 What can you tell me about London and its history? The United Kingdom & London the capital of the U.K., situated on the Thames a cosmopolitan city; many nationalities (7 million inhabitants) an important port, industrial centre and the seat of kings and queens a world financial centre (banks and the London Stock Exchange) consists of three parts: the original and historical City, West End - centre of entertainment and the East End, rather an industrial area probably founded 2,000 years ago the Romans in 43 A.D.  Londinium (the name London probably from Celtic "Llyn" = lake and "Dun" = fort) 1599 the Globe theatre opened (Shakespeare)

4 What are some of the famous parks and museums to visit in London? The United Kingdom & London parks and museums: Hyde Park (Speakers' Corner - stand up in public and speak on almost any subject) the West End (to see a play or musical) the National Gallery (many famous paintings) the British Museum (many historical exhibits, artefacts from all over the world) Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum (life-like wax sculptures of famous people)

5 The United Kingdom & London Westminster (the Houses of Parliament, the clock tower with Big Ben = a large bell) Buckingham Palace (the Queen lives here) the Tower of London (historical building, used as a prison, the Crown Jewels) the Tower Bridge on the River Thames the London Eye (largest Ferris wheel in Europe, see the whole city) St Paul's Cathedral Trafalgar Square (Nelson's Column) the Greenwich (zero degrees of longitude, Greenwich Mean Time) What famous buildings and sites in London would you mention?

6 What are the best known symbols / sights of London? The United Kingdom & London Symbols: The Royal Family Royal Guardsmen red Double-decker Buses Black Taxis (Cabs) Red Post Boxes Telephone Kiosks Policemen Pub Signs Tea Sites: Buckingham Palace Houses Of Parliament The London Eye the Tower of London St Paul's Cathedral Nelson's Column the Greenwich the British Museum the National Gallery

7 What do you know about life in London? The United Kingdom & London people: said to be reserved, polite with strong sense of humour mixed race society (Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, later Africans; refugees) the largest non ‑ white population of any European city (300 languages) pubs: popular social meeting places, an important part of British life traditional names – The Chequers, The White Swan, The Crown, The Red Lion parks: Hyde Park; St James's Park; Kew Gardens; Regent's Park

8 The United Kingdom & London fun: The London Eye: the largest observation wheel in the world (150m high) Covent Garden: used to be a market, now a centre of entertainment Piccadilly Circus: many London theatres, cinemas, restaurants and shops shopping: Harrod's, Hamlet's Regent and Oxford Streets department stores galleries: The Tate Gallery (international modern art) Madame Tussaud's Museum theatres and concert halls: the Globe, The Royal National Theatre, the Barbican Complex The Royal Albert Hall

9 What do you know about transport in London? The United Kingdom & London high quality: the underground, or tube (the oldest and one of the most perfect underground networks in the world) extensive bus network river buses traditional black taxis (cabs) red double ‑ decker buses huge London airports Heathrow and Gatwick

10 The United Kingdom & London eat dishes from all over the world many markets (fruit, vegetables, exotic foods, interesting clothes, enjoy the atmosphere) relax in its parks, such as Hyde Park, Regent's Park, St. James Park and Kensington Gardens visit a proper English pub ride on London's famous double-decker buses or on the London Underground (the Tube) What other things can tourists do in London?

11 Have you ever been to London? Would you like to live in London? Why (not)? What souveniers from the capital would you buy? The United Kingdom & London

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