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MATURITA TOPICS The United Kingdom_General facts II_06

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1 MATURITA TOPICS The United Kingdom_General facts II_06
ANJ_Maturita MATURITA TOPICS The United Kingdom_General facts II_06 Mgr. Filip Soviš

2 Anotace Materiál nastiňuje základní obecná fakta k maturitnímu tématu The United Kingdom. Část druhá. Umožňuje použití pro samostatnou práci. Je možné jej poskytnou nepřítomným žákům. Autor Mgr. Filip Soviš (Autor) Jazyk Angličtina Očekávaný výstup 23–41–M/01 Strojírenství 26-41-M/01 Elektrotechnika 53-41-M/01 Zdravotnický asistent 65-42-M/01 Hotelnictví Speciální vzdělávací potřeby - žádné - Klíčová slova The United Kingdom, General facts II Druh učebního materiálu Prezentace Druh interaktivity Kombinované Cílová skupina Žák Stupeň a typ vzdělávání odborné vzdělávání Typická věková skupina let Vazby na ostatní materiály Je součástí ANJ konverzace

3 The United Kingdom & London
PART II Geography (climate, rivers, lakes, mountains) People & Lifestyle (culture, sport, etc.) Capital City (sights, parks, institutions, etc.) Cities, Places of Interest Other

4 The United Kingdom & London
Could you describe some of the United Kingdom's geographical features and climate? the landscape mostly hilly, the north more mountainous the countryside very green (many fields and pastures) Lowland Britain – the midland, southern and eastern England Highland Britain – Scotland, Wales (the Pennines, the Cumbrians, the Lake District) the highest peak Ben Nevis (1,343m, the Grampians) rivers: the Severn (the longest), the Thames (London), the Avon, the Cam seas and oceans: the North Sea, the Irish Sea, the Atlantic Ocean islands: the Shetlands, the Orkneys, the Hebrides, the Isle of Man the climate (the Gulf Stream  often rains; mild and humid)

5 The United Kingdom & London
Do you know any lakes in Britain? Where are they? What is Loch Ness lake famous for? lots of lakes ("lochs") Lough Neagh (Northern Ireland = Ulster, the largest by area) Loch Fyne (Scotland, the longest) Loch Lomond Loch Ness in Scotland, the largest by volume famous for a monster "Nessie" (first sighted in 6th century)

6 The United Kingdom & London
Who are some famous people from the UK? scientists and inventors: Sir Isaac Newton (the theory of gravity), James Watt (steam-engine) sailors: Francis Drake (America), James Cook (NZ and Australia) politicians: Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher writers: William Shakespeare (a playwright and poet; 16th and 17th century), Charles Dickens (a novelist; the 19th century), Agatha Christie (characters Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple) music: the Beatles (pop group), Eric Clapton (guitarist), Sir Elton John actors: Emma Watson, Hugh Grant, Monty Python (comedy group) directors: Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator, Robin Hood) sportsmen: David Beckham, Frank Lampard (football), Lewis Hamilton (F1), Ronnie O'Sullivan (snooker), fictitious characters: spy James Bond, the detective Sherlock Holmes and the boy wizard Harry Potter

7 The United Kingdom & London
What are some foods which you associate with the UK? brown sauce (a savoury sauce eaten with chips and ham) haggis (sheep stomach stuffed with offal, oatmeal and spices) marmite (a salty spread made from yeast) the sandwich (cold meat and vegetables placed between two pieces of bread) fish and chips (wrapped in white paper and newspaper) pies (pastry filled with beef, onions and vegetables) Yorkshire pudding (small savoury puddings made from flour, milk and eggs and baked in oil) Christmas pudding (composed of many dried fruits, held together by egg and suet, flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and other spices)

8 The United Kingdom & London
Could you describe some sports and pastimes popular in the UK? playing football (matches on most weekends) cricket in the summer rugby (associated with public school students) polo (for very rich) going rambling (to go for a hike) watching horse‑racing seeing pantomimes at Christmas time going to the local pub for a pint doing DIY

9 The United Kingdom & London
What is the English Channel? the La Manche Channel separates England (Dover) and France (Calais) an arm of the Atlantic Ocean (joins the North Sea to the Atlantic) about 560 km long width from 240 km to 34 km in the Strait of Dover an area of some 75,000 km2 The Channel Islands the only part of the UK where French is spoken include: the isles of Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney

10 The United Kingdom & London
Would you like to go to the UK? Why? Why not? I would like to go / I want to go… to improve / practise my English… to get a job… to see places I have been learning about because I'm curious / I've heard a lot about this country… because I'm interested in British culture… because it is a modern cosmopolitan country I have already been to London / Scotland It was a great opportunity to… I am not really interested in going to England… because I think the culture is very similar to ours I would rather go to the USA or Australia

11 The United Kingdom & London
Do you know any products that are exported from GB? What other places of interest in Scotland do you know? How can you travel to the UK? What is the best way to travel to Great Britain?

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