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EDGAR ALLAN Douděrová, C4B.

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1 EDGAR ALLAN Douděrová, C4B

2 Edgar Allan Poe Life Works The Raven Summary Sources

3 EDGAR ALLAN POE (1809 – 1849) An American writer
short story, detective fiction, literary criticism, poetry The American Romantic Movement Writers in his period: Nathaliel Hawthorne (USA) Herman Melville (USA) Alexander Pushkin (RUS) Victor Hugo (FR) Stendhal (FR)

4 LIFE (1809 – 1849) Born in the USA educated in the UK
The army, but expelled from West Point A bohemian lifestyle Virginia Clemm - wife His Death is unknown (in Baltimore)

5 WORKS Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque The Pit and the Pendulum
The Black Cat The Murders in the Rue Morgue The Raven and other poems

6 THE RAVEN Narrative poem 1845 In ich – form
Author´s room, midnight, asks raven and raven replies „nevermore“ 108 verses Rhythm and sound

Na obrázky se mohou vztahovat autorská práva.Odeslat zpětnou vazbu                                            The Sleepless Library: The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe pomocí obrázku The Raven. The Raven written by Mr. Edgar Allan Poe. Související obrázky: Zobrazit další SUMMARY - EDGAR ALLAN POE An American writer inventor of the detective fiction Romanticism Works - The Pit and the Pendulum - The Murders in the Rue Morgue -The Raven Narrative poem In ich – form The Raven by Vincent Prince

8 SOURCES -2.12.2014
PHILLIPS, Patrick. Master of the macabre. Bridge, 2013, č. 2, s AMERICAN LITERATURE, Milena Krumphanzlová. Server „S“.

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