Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Offer Centrum pro virtuální a moderní metody a formy vzdělávání na Obchodní akademii T.G. Masaryka, Kostelec nad Orlicí.

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Prezentace na téma: "Offer Centrum pro virtuální a moderní metody a formy vzdělávání na Obchodní akademii T.G. Masaryka, Kostelec nad Orlicí."— Transkript prezentace:

1 Offer Centrum pro virtuální a moderní metody a formy vzdělávání na Obchodní akademii T.G. Masaryka, Kostelec nad Orlicí

2 Offer - nabídka Vocabulary: cancel an offer- zrušit nabídku confirm an offer-potvrdit nabídku counter offer-protinabídka agree to terms-souhlasit s podmínkami be subject to-podléhat čemu discount- sleva excluding packing-bez obalu including packing-včetně balení firm/binding offer-závazná nabídka extra costs-mimořádné náklady give guarantee-dát záruku gross price-brutto (hrubá) cena net price-netto (čistá) cena letter of credit- akredetiv

3 Offer - vocabulary quotation-cenová nabídka trade discount-obchodní sleva cash discount-sleva při úhradě v hotovosti quantity discount-množstevní sleva means of delivery-způsob dodání to quote a delivery date-uvést dodací lhůtu solicited offer-vyžádaná nabídka unsolicited offer- nevyžádaná nabídka stipulate-smluvně sjednat

4 What is an offer? An offer is the answer to a specific enquiry. It relates to goods (zboží) and tells the customer on what conditions (podmínky) the seller is willing to supply the goods. An offer should give full information about the goods. It should contain:  A precise and complete description of the goods (catalogues, samples or specifications should be attached).  The quantity of goods on customary units (metres, tons, pounds…)  The price per unit or for the minimum quantity.  Terms of payment  Terms of delivery

5 What is an offer?  The time of delivery  Place of delivery  Validity of the offer Offer can by binding or firm, which means that company will hold the goods for cetain time, mentioned in the offer, until they receive the order, e. g. 14 days. The company can also offer their goods without engagement, which means that they reserve the right to sell the goods elsewhere without waiting for the order.

6 Solicited and Unsolicited Offer Many companies practice to offer their goods without waiting for enquiries which are called unsolicited offers. The success of these offers depends on the writer‘s intelligent application of all the arguments at his disposal and on the time he selects for sending them to the prospective customers.  Solicited offers are answers to enquiries.

7 Solicited Offer - Example Telephone: +44 (0) 212 8484 Réf. PE/NO 10 September 2010 Sig. A. Del Piero Moda Giovane S.p.A. Via Romana 577 20121 Milano Italy Dear Sir Del Piero, Many thanks for your enquiry of 10 August. We are pleased to offer you, without engagement, our raincoats on the following terms: Goods: 5,000 ladies raincoats, model Vera Price: £ 30 a piece, FOB (Incoterms 2000) Hamburg, customary packing included Payment: against documents Time of delivery: within one month from receipt of the order. We hope that the first-class quality of our products and the exceptionally low price will fully satisfy you. Yours sincerely, Rob Mariano Sales Manager 712 Mapple Street, Berkshire, SL6 5D2, UK

8 Unsolicited Offer - Example Telephone: +44 (0) 555 2115 Réf. NO/PE 21 October 2010 Recipient Ltd. 139 Fulton Street 100 39 New York, NY USA Dear Sirs, At the recent Building Industries Exhibition in London, great interest was aroused by our new ceramic tiles. We are enclosing our brochure in which we feature our tile ranges and accessories. We would particulary bring to your notice that the prices of the new tiles are surprisingly low, as you can see from the enclosed price list, which is due only to our system of mass production which enables us to maintain economical prices without any sacrifice of quality. We are ready to allow special terms to customers who place trial orders before May 31. We feel sure that our tiles will meet with a ready sale in your market and hope to have your order soon. Yours faithfully, Nicolas Brislin Sales Manager Bennett Building, 12 Oxford Street, London, SW1A 2AA

9 Phraseology - offer Opening phrases: 1. Thank you for your enquiry of..... we have pleasure in submitting the following offer / quotation: - Děkuji za Vaši poptávku ze dne.... s potěšením Vám předkládámé následující (cenovou) nabídku. 2. You wil be interested to hear that we are able to make you a firm offer for immediate delivery....... - Bude Vás zajímat, že Vám můžeme závazně nabídnout k okamžitému dodání....... 3. We refer to your enquiry of..... - Odvoláváme se na Vaši poptávku ze dne....

10 Phraseology - offer Prices and terms: 1. Our prices include packing in special export cases. Naše ceny zahrnují balení ve zvláštních exportních bednách. 2. The prices are quoted CIF Hamburg. Ceny se rozumějí CIF Hamburk. 3. This is a special offer and is not subject to our usual discounts. Toto je zvláštní nabídka a nezahrnuje naše obvyklé slevy. 4. Payment should be made in advance. Platba bude provedena předem.

11 Phraseology - offer Closing phrases: 1. We are sure that these goods will meet your requirements, and we look forward to your first order. Jsme si jisti, že toto zboží bude vyhovovat Vašim požadavkům a těšíme se na první objednávku 2. We look forward to doing business with you. Těšíme se, že s Vámi navážeme obchodní vztahy. 3. As prices are expected to rise, we would advise you to take advantage of this favourable offer. Protože se očekává růst cen, doporučovali bychom Vám využít tuto výhodnou nabídku.

12 International Commercial Terms INCOTERMS 2000 provide a set of international rules in foreign trade contracts. The rules give a clear and exact definition of the liabilities of the parties. EXW (Ex Works) – ze závodu (ujednané místo) FCA (Free Carrier) – vyplaceně dopravci (ujednané místo) FOB (Free On Board) – vyplaceně na loď (ujednaný přístav nalodění) CFR (Cost and Freight) – náklady a přepravné (ujednaný přístav určení) CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) – náklady, pojištění a přepravné (ujednaný přístav určení) DAP (Delivered at Place) - s dodáním na místo

13 Practice Fill in the following sentences with missing words: 1. We have pleasure in submitting the following....................................... (cenová nabídka). 2. This offer is..........................(platný) for 2 months after the above date. 3. Payment will be done....................................... (předem). 4. We are pleased to send you our....................... (výhodná nabídka). 5. Please find enclosed our................................ (protinabídka). 6. All prices are quoted FOB London and are subject to a 25%.............................. (obchodní sleva) with payment by........................... (akredetiv).

14 Practice Translate the following sentences into English: 1. Sdělte nám prosím brzy Vaše požadavky. 2. Jsme ochotni nabídnout množstevní slevu ve výši 5% z katalogové ceny. 3. Tato nabídka je závazná do konce měsíce. 4. Zásilka bude odeslána..... 5. Odvoláváme se na Vaši poptávku ze dne........ 6. Všechny ceny jsou netto. 7. Těšíme se, že nám brzy podáte zprávu. 8. Ceny stouply / klesly / zůstaly nezměněny.

15 Practice Translation: 1. Please let us know your requirements soon. 2. We are pleased to give a quantity discount of 5% off list price. 3. This offer is binding by the end of the month. 4. The consignment will be dispatched...... 5. We refer to your enquiry of.... 6. All prices are net. 7. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 8. Prices have risen / fallen / remained steady.

16 Other useful words and phrases 1. With reference to your telephone call of... Vzhledem k vašemu telefonatu ze dne.... 2. We were pleased to receive your enquiry of..... Vaše poptávka z...... nás potěšila. 3. Thank you for your enquiry of..... Děkujeme za Vaši poptávku ze dne.....

17 Terms of delivery: 1. We are pleased to send you our offer..... Rádi Vám zasíláme náši následující nabídku 2. The goods can be delivered promtly on receipt of your order. Zboží může být dodáno okamžitě po obdržení Vaší objednávky. 3. Dodávka bude provedena...... Delivery will be made..........

18 Terms of payment: 1. Payment will be done cash with order. Platba bude provedena při objednání. 2. Payment on invoice. Placení po přijetí faktury. 3. Documents against payment D/P. Placení proti dokladům. 4. Payment by irrevocable letter of credit. Placení neodvolatelným akreditivem.

19 Terms of payment: 5. Documents against acceptance D/A. Dokumenty proti přijetí směnky. 6.Cash on delivery. Placení při dodání / na dobírku. 7. Payment within 60 days from date of invoice. Placení do 60 dnů od data vystavení faktury.

20 Validity of offer: 1. This offer is valid/ firm/ good for.... weeks/months. Tato nabídka je platná.... týdny/měsíce. 2. This offer is without engagement. Tato nabídka je nezávazná. 3. While stocks last. Do vyčerpání skladu.

21 Fashion World 139 Fulton Street London 1R5 4DX Reply to a request for a catalogue and price list Dear Mr. Raval Thank you for your enquiry of 18 September. We enclose our Spring Catalogue and current price list quoting CIF prices Le Havre. We would like to draw your attention to the trade and quantity discounts we are offering in our Special Purchases section on pp. 19 -26, which may be of particular interest to you. Please contact us if we can be of any further help. Yours sincerely Tim Hoad Via Romana 577, Milano, 20121 Tel+39 (0) 14 485 7488 Fax+39 (0) 14 486 7880 Réf. LU/HE 30 September 2010

22 P. Gérard Manager Disc S.A. 251 rue des Raimoniéres F-86000 Poitiers Cédex Reply to a request for CDs Dear M. Gérard Thank you for your enquiry of 12 May in which you asked about CDs we advertised in this month‘s edition of ‘Lectron‘. I can confirm that they are of high quality, and suitable for domestic recording. They are ‘Kolby‘ products, a brand name you will certainly recognize, and the reason their prices are so competitive is that they are part of a consigment of bankrupt stock that was offered to us. Because of their low price, and the small profit margin, we will not be offering any trade discounts on this consigment. But we sell a wide range of electronic and computer products and have enclosed a price list giving you details of trade, quantity, and cash discounts. We have sent, by separate post, samples of the advertised CDs and other brands we stock, and would urge you to place an order as soon as possible as there has been a huge response to our advertisement. Thank you for you interest. Yours sincerely (Herr) R. Gerlach Sales Director Enc. price-list Havmart 601, D-50000 Köln 1 Tel(+49) 221 32 42 98 Fax(+49) 221 83 61 25 Your Ref: PG/AL 17 September 2010

23 Complete the letter with the correct prepositions. GDM Ltd 516 Gipsy Rd. Headington Oxford OX 3 6BP UK 15 March 20..... The Chairman Busch AG Lepolodstr. 501 D – 800 Munchen 3 Dear Sir We were impressed (1)............ your display (2)........ office furniture (3).......... the Expoquip trade fair held (4)......... Madrid (5)........ January. We are a group (6)......... retailers specializing (7)......... the sale (8)......... top-quality non- electronic office equipment, and we are seeking a supplier (9).......... our stores. Could you send us your latest catalogue and price-list, details (10).......... materials used (11).......... your products, and information regarding credit terms and discounts. We look forward (12)......... receiving your reply. Yours faithfully Anne Croft (Ms) Sales Director

24 Practice Translate the folowing sentences: 1. Thank you for your interest in our products. 2. We refer to your enquiry about sleeping bags. 3. All prices include delivery to.... 4. The goods will be dispatched by road within 10 days on receipt of order. 5. We are sure you will be satisfied with our products. 6. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if.......

25 Choose the most suitable terms: Dear Mr Brown We were very pleased to receice your (1)correspondence, enquiry, mail of...... March 20....., asking about our leather and sheepskin (2) range, cloths, products and terms of (3) dealing, trade, conditions. First let me say that our (4) label, mark, patent is internationally famous because of the quality of our garments, and we are convinced they will sell well through your (5) outlets, factories, warehouses. We think you will agree with us when you look through the enclosed (6) manual, catalogue, leaflet and examine the (7) specimens, examples, samples we are forwarding separately. We will allow (8) trade, cash, quantity discounts for orders over 10,000, and with the usual trade references, we can arrange for payment by 60-day (9) bill, letter, draft of exchange. Thank you once again for your enquiry, and we ar sure you will be impressed by the (10) vast, huge, wide selection of our garments. Yours sincerely Ellena Onate Ellena Onate Sales Director

26 Test - offer Translate into English: 1. poskytnout záruku 2. zrušit nabídku 3. včetně balení 4. nabídka platí pouze týden 5. sleva při hotovém placení 6. vyhovět požadavkům 7. placení proti dokladům 8. souhlasit s podmínkami

27 Test - offer Translate into Czech: 1. substantial order 2. selling conditions 3. shorten the delivery time 4. excluding packing 5. subject to change 6. quantity discount 7. prompt delivery 8. dispatched consignment

28 Test - write an offer from notes Pracujete v odbytovém oddělení firmy Dataprint s.r.o., která vyrábí počítačové tiskárny. Vaše adresa je: Kostelní 23, 530 02 Pardubice. Firma obdrží poptávku od firmy Technical Solutions Ltd, 31 Harbour Road, Dublin 7, Irsko. V poptávce se jedna o dodávku tiskáren.Použijte následující údaje: nabídněte 250 inkoustových tiskáren (ink jet printers), model TSD 300 (katalogová cena € 210/kus) a 200 laserových tiskáren, model ND 400 (katalogová cena € 175/kus) 18% sleva z celkové ceny € 87.500 CIF Rottterdam platba neodvolatelným akreditivem dodávka do 15 dnů od obderžení objednávky vhodné zakončení

29 Použité prameny Ashley, A.: Oxford handbook of commercial correspondence, Oxford 2003 Anglická obchodní korespondence Milena Bočánková, Iva Hedvábná, Miroslav Kalina, Ekopress, 2004 Write It Right! Anglická obchodní korespondence, David Clarke, Dieter Wessels, Fraus 2009

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