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1 Economics

2 Economics, basic terminology - dictionary
analyzovat – analyze B bohatství - wealth D distribuce – distribution dodávat - supply dohoda – agreement domácí - domestic dovednost - skill E efektivita - efficiency ekonomika – economy energie - energy F finance – finance finanční - financial firma – firm H hodnota - value CH chudoba - poverty I investice - investment J jednotka - unit K konkurence - competition kupující – buyer kvalita – quality kvantita - quantity M management, řízení – management makroekonomie – macroecononics mikroekonomie – microeconomics monopol - monopoly N nabídka - offer náklady - costs nedostatek – scarcity nezaměstnanost – unemployment nezávislost - independency O ovlivnit - influence P podnikání – business pojištění - insurance politika – politics poplatek - fee práce - labour preference - preference prodávající – seller produktivita – productivitiy předpoklad - assuption příjem – income přístup - approach R racionální – racional regrese - regression risk – risk rodina - family rovnováha – equilibrium rozmanitost – variability rozpočet – budget růst - growth S služby – services směrnice - regulation spotřeba – consumption správa – administration struktura – structure suma – sum Š šetřit - save T trh – market U utrácet - spend V veřejný sektor – public sector vláda – government volný obchod – free market vstup - input výběr - choice výroba – production výstup – output vývoj - development Z zákon – law závislost - dependency zboží – goods zdroj - resource

3 DISCUSSION What is economy? What is economics? What is macroeconomy? What is microeconomy? What is economics an important subject of study? What is the relationship between economy and government? What does it mean for the people in the state when the economy is growing and doing well? What are social institutions? Are they important in economy? What is a market? What are some qualities of a product that people look for? What are services? Can you give any examples? Which services do you personally use and what do you think about their quality? What does equilibrium mean? What is the difference between a street market and a supermarket? What is a „free market“? What is a competition? Does the price change regarding the competition? What is monopol? What are its PROs and CONs? What are the parts of the price? What is „suppy“ and „demand“? Who was Adam Smith? What do you know about economy vs. Marxists? Can you compare our economy now and during communism? How do wars influence world economies? What is planned economy? What is the black market? What is the function of the central bank? What is the role of import and export in the national economy? What are bank reserves good for? What is the difference between the inflation and hyperinflation? Do you know anything about the history of money? Why do some countries become poor? What are the biggest causes for a country to become rich? What are taxes good for? What is the welfare system? How would you define „value“? What are the most valuable things at the moment? Can you name them and discuss them?

4 Use the following words in sentences
ECONOMY ECONOMICS ECONOMIST COUNTRY GOVERNMENT LAW BUDGET CENTRAL BANK POOR RICH REGULATION BUY SELL SPEND INTEREST RATE TAX QUALITY QUANTITY SUM WEALTH MONOPOLY GOODS human resources labour market profit import capitalism Find the right answer H __________ R __________ people who produce goods and services L __________ the work force; education, quality, work ethic, time and effort devoted to producing goods and services M _________ any arrangement where buyers and sellers give and get information and do business P _________ money made above what something costs to produce I __________ goods purchased by consumers of a country that are produced in an other country C _________ an economic system in which property is privately owned and goods are privately produced. referred to as the private enterprise system Discussion Do you think that selling ice-cream in Alaska would be a good idea? What happens if the price of a product drops by 50%? What is „2 for the price of 1“. Does it really pay off? What does it mean when Czech factories don´t sell as many goods as they used to? How can we promote Czech products abroad? What would happen if the price of wood would double? How does the increase of energy prices influence our lives? Does high unemployment influence the salaries of working people anyhow? What happens when a big factory closes? How does it influence the town and surroundings? How does the exchange rate of the Czech crown influence the life of Czech people and businessmen?

5 Economics – links - přehled základních ekonomických termínů - ekonomické zprávy ze světa - mezinárodní ekonomické dění, noviny - ekonomika dle témat - rozcestník odkazů na ekonomiku pro děti - základní pojmy a aktivity pro děti v rámci ekonomiky - aktivity pro děti - ekonomika pro malé děti - trh a jeho dělení - import a export současné dění - informace o české ekonomice, statistiky - business slovník - ekonomické termíny dle abecedy, definice a vysvětlení

6 Economic systems and ideologies- dictionary
agentura – agency anarchismus – anarchism B beztřídní - classless C cena – price centralizace – centralization D dohlížet - oversee E energie - energy F faktor – factor fašismus – fascism feudalismus - feudalism forma - form I inflace – inflation informace - information instituce – institution investice - investment K kalkulace - calculation kapitalismus – capitalism kolonialismus - colonialism kombinace – combination komunismus - communism kontrola - control koordinace - coordination M majetek – property měna - currency N národní – national nástroj - tool nedostatek – scarcity normativní - normative O občan - citizen obchod - trade P perspektiva - perpective plánování – planning podnik – enterprise politika volného trhu – laissez-faire populace – population potřeba – need pracovník - worker právo - right prostředí – environment předpoklad – premise přechodný - transitional příděl - allocation příjem - income R reforma – reform regulace – regulation revoluce - revolution rovnost – equality rovnostářský - egalitarian rozhodnutí – decision rozpor – contradiction rozpuštění - dissolution různý – various S sektor – sector směňovat - barter smíšený - mixed soukromý – private společně - collectively společnost - society spotřebitel – consumer stabilita – stability T tradiční - traditional V veřejný – public vlastnictví - ownership vlastník – owner volnost – liberty výskyt - occurence vývoj - evolution vyhlídka - prospect vztah – relationship Z zásah - intervention zužitkování - utilization

Discussion What is a political ideology? What is capitalism? What are the biggest PROs and CONs of capitalism? What is anarchism? Why do some people become fond of anarchism? What is socialism? What is the difference between socialism and communism? Do you know any famous economists? What was fascism? What can you say about the Islamic system of economy? Put these words into the right columns CENTRAL PLANNING NO NEED OF CURRENCY FREE MARKET STATE OVERSEES PRODUCTION INVISIBLE HAND PUBLIC OWNERSHIP SUPPLY AND DEMAND MARKET EQUILIBRIUM PRIVATE OWNERSHIP COLLECTIVE OWNERSHIP WORKERS STATE COLLECTIVIST IDEAS LABOUR MARKET LAISSEZ-FAIRE CAPITALISM SOCIALISM COMMUNISM Can you explain and discuss all the terms mentioned above? Can you divide them into good, bad and neutral? Can you name any states where these theories are being applied? What kind of system do we have in the Czech Republic?

8 What do you think about these terms. Are they important in your life
What do you think about these terms? Are they important in your life? Why? PERSONAL FREEDOM ____________________________________ FREEDOM OF SPEECH ____________________________________ HAPPINESS ____________________________________ PRIVATE OWNERSHIP ____________________________________ HAVING YOUR OWN BUSINESS ____________________________________ HAVING A JOB ____________________________________ FULL SUPERMARKETS ____________________________________ POSSIBILITY TO TRAVEL ____________________________________ Comparison – Can you compare these states and their economical approaches? USA vs. Czech Republic Germany vs. the Great Britain Japan vs. China Russia vs. North Korea North Korea vs. South Korea Iraq vs. Finland Other kinds of theories and ideologies What is ecological economy? What are natural resources and why are people concerned about them? What is sustainability of resources? Is it an important thing? What is the role of ethics in matters concerning nature and its protection? What is the „ Japanese post-war economic miracle“? What happened and why did it happen? How would you define Neocolonialism? Why do people feel the need to control someone or something? What do you think about the Barter system? Do you think it could really work? There is a new term called „Virtual economy“ which is mostly about the business that takes place via internet. What do you think about it? What is „virtual money“? What do all Nordic countries have in common? Is there any economical trait that they all share? Mercantilism was very popular during the colonial period. Can you explain it? Do you think it was a good or bad thing? Do you think it could still work today? Where and how? Have you ever heard of mutualism? It´s a way of anarchistic way of government and life. Can you comment it anyhow?

9 Economic system and ideologies- links
– ekonomické systémy – video - druhy ekonomických systémů – prezentace politických systémů - krátká prezentace systémů - výhody a nevýhody jednotlivých systémů – ekonomie vs. ideologie - ekonomické ideologie - ekonomické ideologie, vysvětlení pojmů – ekonomické ideologie – video - ekonomické aktivity - prezentace

10 World economy – dictionary
armáda - army B banka - bank bezdomovec - homeless Č černý trh – black market čisté jmění - equity D deprivace – deprivation dluh – debt doprava - transport E ekologie – ecology energie - energy expanze – expansion F formovat - emerge G geografie - geography globální – global H HDP - GDP hlad – hunger hladomor – famine I inflace - inflation J jídlo - food K katastrofa – disaster komunikace - communication krize - crisis koupit – buy, purchase L legální - legal M majetek - property měna – currency možnost - opportunity N národní – national nelegální – illegal nezaměstnanost - unemployment P plyn – gas počasí - weather podmínka - condition povodně – floods prosperita - prosperity průmysl - industry případ – case přístup – access půda - soil R ropa - oil rovnost – parity rozvojový - developing růst - growth S služba - service směnný kurz – exchange rate snížit – decrease spád - momentum společnost – society spolupráce - cooperation standard – standard sucho – draught U úroda – crops úrodnost - fertility úroveň - level V vláda – government voják - soldier výroba – production vyspělý - developed výstup – output vzdělanost - education Z základní – basic zaměstnanost - employment zastoupení – representation zdraví - health zdroje - resources země – country znak - sign zvýšit - increase Ž žebrák - beggar

11 Discussion How would you explain the term „world economy“? What does it include? What makes a country rich? Can you name any factors? THE LARGEST ECONOMIES Look at the flags of the countries below and comment them according to: their position system of government economic stability natural resources possible problems in the future number of people future plans membership in the European Union membership in other organizations interesting places distance from other countries majorities and minorities their progress during past 50 years their political, cultural, social and economical background

12 Discussion Which countries are the fastest growing and expanding? Which countries have a problem with their economy slowing down? Can you name any poor countries and comment the reason for their poverty? Where can most poor countries be found? Choose one poor country and comment it. Who is a beggar? How does a person become one? What is the deficit? How do countries deal with it and where do they get money? What is the difference between the deficit and a debt? What natural disasters can ruin or damage an economy? How do people become homeless? Which countries do you think have a big problem with homelessness? Which countries are facing famine? Why? Are there any international organizations trying to help poor countries? How? What is the „3rd world“? How would you explain malnutrition? What do the people facing malnutrition look like? What is the job situation in poor countries? Can you say something about the jobs people do, about the salary they get and about benefits – do they get any? Why yes / not? How do the people in poor countries feel about their future? What is deprivation? How would you explain this feeling? Do the poor people have any chance to change their life situation? What would happen if all people lived the way Europeans live? Would there be enough resources? What is overpopulation? What causes it? Say something about: Somalia Afganistan Bangladesh Barma North Korea Albania Romania Africa in general

13 World economy - links - světová ekonomika, vysvětlení - světová ekonomika, zprávy - zprávy a novinky ze světa světové ekonomiky - ekonomické zprávy region po regionu - globální novinky o zemích, obchodu, apod. nejbohatších zemí světa - různé žebříčky zemí vzhledem k populaci, moci, bohatství, apod. – země a různé ukazatele jejich prosperity nejchudších zemí - mapa nejchudších zemí - žebříčky chudých zemí dle různých parametrů

14 The Czech Republic - dictionary and phrases
army - armáda C cizinec - foreigner Č Čechy – Bohemia D daň - tax demokracie – democracy doprava - transportation E elektrárna - powerplant export – export H hlavní město – capital hora – mountain hranice – border hymna - anthem I import - import integrovat – integrate investor - investor J jaderná elektrárna – nuclear plant K keramika - ceramics kopcovitý - hilly kotlina – basin král – king královna - queen království – kingdom krmivo - fodder kuchyně - cuisine L lázně – spa M ministerský předseda – Prime Minister monarchie - monarchy Morava – Moravia N náboženství - religion nadmořská výška – elevation nespokojenost - dissatisfaction O obyvatel – inhabitant osvobození - liberation P parlament – parliament pivovar – brewery plyn – gas potrubí – pipeline pověst - reputation povodně – floods prezident – president privatizace - privatization prosperující – prosperous průměrný – average původ – descent, origin R reforma - reform revoluce - revolution režim – regime rozpustit - dissolve Ř řeka - river S sametová revoluce – Velvet revolution senát - senat Slezsko – Silesia sousední země – neighbour country spolupráce – cooperation stabilní - stable stát - state T teplota – temperature tradice - tradition turismus – tourism U ústava - constitution V věda - science vinný sklípek – vineyard vláda - government vnitrozemský – landlocked vrchnol – peak výroba - production Z zákon - law Ž železo - iron železnice - railways

15 Discussion What can you say about the Czech Rebublic? Can you say something about: a) the position of the Czech Republic b) the system of government of the Czech Republic c) the natural resources of the Czech Republic d) the import and export of the Czech Republic e) the prezident of the Czech Republic f) the system of elections in the Czech Republic g) the political parties in the Czech Republic h) the nature, fauna and flore of the Czech Republic Are there any minorities in the Czech Republic? Can you say something about each of them? What is the birth rate? Why do you think the birth rate is as low as it is? Why do people have less and less children? How would you comment the life standard in the Czech Republic? Why do you think there are very rich and very poor people in the Czech Republic? Why do some people in the Czech Republic become homeless? What is the employment rate in the Czech Republic? Why is it difficult for young people to find work? Why is it difficult for old people to find work? How much money do you think an average family needs a month to cover all the expences? What do you think about the state of Czech hospital and health care? What do you think about Czech education? What do you think about salaries of some people? Who do you think is getting more than he/she should? What do you think that other countries think about the Czech Republic? Can you say something about the history of the Czech Republic concerning Velvet Revolution, Václav Havel, Václav Klaus, communists, history of the political parties, etc? What do you think about the future of the Czech Republic? What kind of government and system would be the best for the Czech Republic according to your opinion?

16 Are these statements true or false? Comment them.
Czechs drink 161 litres of beer per person a year Prague has one of the oldest universities in Europe, the Charles University, named after Charles VI who founded it in 1348. There are about 130 people per square kilometer. The Czech Republic has the largest network of signposted footpaths in the world. As of 2002, more than 38,000 kilometers of paths have been signposted. It is surprising but the word robot is not English one but has its origin in  Bohemia. In 1920, Czech writer Karel Capek used this word for the first time in his theater play „Bílá nemoc“. More than a million Czech soldiers participated in the in World War I, out of which approximately 150,000 died. The major rivers of the country are Vltava and Ohře. Czech Republic constitutes of three historical lands, namely, Bohemia in the west, Moravia in the southeast, and Czech Silesia in the northeast. Czech Founding day is celebrated on the 28th October. Literacy rate is below 80%. Comment these facts In Prague, beer is cheaper than bottled water. On a clear day you can see the Eiffel Tower in Paris on the horizon from many parts of Prague! Czech is famous for its crystal fine art, hand-knit shawls, wooden toys, garnets, handmade tablecloths and puppets, painted eggs, caviar, china, antiques, peasant frocks, and music. The Czech Republic has the most hospital beds per inhabitant in the EU. Czech Republic is one of the top 10 countries worldwide in terms of the fastest average internet speed. Czech people have the second highest death rate for cancer in the EU (after Hungary). About 59% of the population is agnostic, atheist, or non-believer. About 26.8% is Roman Catholic while 2.5% is Protestant. The unemployment rate is 7,3% (2013). Major trading partners are Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, China and Russia. Czech Republic became the member of Schengen in 2007. There is very low rate of violent crime, high rate of pickpocketing and car theft in the Czech Republic. 1T 2F 3T 4T 5F 6T 7F 8T 9T 10F (99%)

17 The Czech Republic - links
- ČR oficiální stránka - turismus ČR - rozcestník aktivit v ČR - armáda ČR - zajímavosti o ČR nejzajímavějších informací o ČR - kultura ČR - informace a statistiky ČR - nejznámější Češi - průmysl ČR - zeměpis a mapy ČR - jídlo ČR

18 European Union - dictionary
advokát - lawyer B bankovka – bank note bezpečnost - security blahobyt - welfare C clo - duty Č člen - member členská země – member country D daň - tax demokratická země – democratic country dohoda – deal doprava - transport dovoz - import E ekonomika - economy euro - euro Evropská centrální banka – European Central Bank Evropská komise – European Commission Evropský parlament – European Parliament Evropský soudní dvůr – European Court exekutiva - executive G generální tajemník – general secretary H hlava státu – head of the state hospodářství - economy hrubý národní produkt – gross national product CH chudý - poor I instituce - institution integrace - integration K kandidátská země – candidate country kapitál – fund, funds komisař - commisioner kontrola – control, check kultura - culturre L legislativa - legislative M menšina - minority měnová unie – monetary union měnový institut – Monetary institute ministr - minister N nadnárodní - multinational nařízení - regulation návrh - proposal nezaměstnanost - unemployment norma - standard O orgán - organ osoba fyzická - individual osoba právnická – legal person P politická příslušnost – political affiliation politika - politics poslanec – member of parliament pracovní místo – job position právo – right právní ochrana – legal protection předpis - regulation předsednictví - presidency přistoupení - accession R Rada Evropské unie – Council of the European Union regionální politika – regional policy rozpočet - budget rozvoj - development rozvojová pomoc – development assistance S sídlit - reside sjednocení - unification směrnice - regulation smlouva - contract sociální politika – social policy solidarita - solidarity soudce - judge souhlas - agreement spolupráce - cooperation spotřebitel - consumer struktura - structure strukturální fond – structural fund U úředník - clerk V většina - majority volba - election volit – elect, vote vyslovení nedůvěry – vote of censure volný pohyb – freedom of movement vzdělání - education T trh - market Z zájem - interest základní práva – basic rights zákon - law zaměstnanost - employment zastoupení - representation zástupce - representant zdravotnictví - healthcare

19 What does this picture symbolize?
What does this picture symbolize? What are some functions of this organization? Do you know anything about its history and purpose? Name some member states and say something about them and the position of the Czech Republic. What is the European Union good for? Why did the Czech Republic become a member? What are some advantages and disadvantages of being a member of the EU? Are we going to have euro? When? Are you PRO EU or CONTRA? What can you say about the relationship between the European Union and the USA, China, Japan and other countries. Do you think it´s OK that people can travel and work freely within the EU? What are some institutions of the EU? What are their functions? What does a member of the European parliament do all day long? Do you think it´s a demanding job? Would you like to be a politician? What do you think are the best and worst things about being a politician?

20 Each student chooses one country which is a member of the European Union and presents it to the others. Speak about: NAME: SIZE: NEIGHBOURS: CAPITAL: CURRENCY: PRESIDENT/KING/QUEEN: ECONOMY: INTERESTING PLACES: NATURAL RESOURCES: INDUSTRY: Discussion What is the European Parliament? What are its functions and duties? How and how often are the members voted? What kind of laws do they aprove? Are there any laws that you personally don´t like? What is the „European budget“? What parts does it have? What are the aims of the European Union and its institutions? What is the „European council“ good for? Use these words in a sentence and explain them LAW _______________________________________________ MINISTER _______________________________________________ CURRENCY _______________________________________________ IMPORT _______________________________________________ EXPORT _______________________________________________ GDP _______________________________________________ TRADE _______________________________________________ UNIFICATION _______________________________________________ AGREEMENT _______________________________________________ SOLIDARITY _______________________________________________ CONSUMER _______________________________________________ MEMBER _______________________________________________

21 European Union - links - oficiální stránky EU
- informace o EU - zprávy o EU - ekonomické zprávy - mezinárodní zprávy - kvízy ohledně EU - aktivity pro děti v rámci EU – zeměpis pro děti, EU apod. - historie EU – co je to EU, video - historie a zakladatelé EU - odkazy pro děti, aktivity a stránky o EU - testy zaměřené na EU a další organizace - hry zaměřené na Evropu

22 Banking – dictionary and phrases
bankéř – banker bankomat – ATM (automatic teller machine) bankovka - banknote běžný účet – current account C celkový příjem – revenue D debetní karta – debit card dlužit - owe držitel - holder F finanční – financial fond – fund H hypotéka - mortgage I instituce – institution internetové bankovnictví – internet banking K kapitál – capital kreditní karta – credit card krize - crisis M mince - coin O obdržet - receive P platit – pay podíl - share poskytnout - provide přebytek – surplus přesun - transfer přijmout – accept půjčka – loan R rezerva – reserve risk - risk S splatný - repayable Š šek - cheque T termín - term trh – market U účetnictví – accounting úrok – interest úroková sazba – interest rate V velkoobchod - wholesale Z zákazník - customer záloha – deposit zapůjčit – lend zdroj - source zisk – profit vložit kreditní kartu to insert the credit card odebrat hotovost to withdraw cash půjčit peníze to lend money Mám účet v bance Lloyd´s. I have an account with Lloyd´s. Bankomat mi nevrátil kartu. The cash machine has eaten my card. Kolik peněz máš u sebe? How much money have you got on you? V kolik hodin banka otvírá? What time does the bank open? Banka za 20min zavírá. The bank closes in 20 minutes. Chtěl bych proplatit tento šek. I´d like to cash this cheque, please. Vyplňte tento formulář. Fill in this form, please. Podepište se tady, prosím. Please sign here. Rád bych si otevřel účet. I´d like to open an account. Rád bych si vybral peníze. I´d like to draw some money. Jaký mám zůstatek na účtu? What is the balance of my account? Jaké máte číslo účtu? What is your account number? účtovat si poplatek to charge commission přepočíst měnu to convert the currency Kde je nejbližší směnárna? Where is the nearest exchange office? Jaký je směnný kurz eura vůči What is the exchange rate for the euro libře? against the pound? Kde si můžu směnit peníze? Where can I change my money? Kolik dostanu za 100 eur? How much do I get for 100 euro? Chtěl bych si směnit cestovní I would like to change some traveller´s šeky. cheques. Kolik jich chcete směnit? How many do you want to change? Nahoře je prosím podepište. Please sign them at the top. Dejte mi prosím pas. Could I have your passport, please? Zde jsou vaše peníze. Here is your money.

23 Discussion What is a „bank“? Why do people go there? Can you explain these words and use them in a sentence? a) ATM b) MONEY c) COUNTER d) DEPOSIT e) CLERK f) CASHIER g) WITHDRAW MONEY h) SAVE MONEY i) BANK ROBBER j) SAVING ACCOUNT k) INTEREST RATE l) CREDIT CARD m) DEBIT CARD n) MORTGAGE What advantages and disadvantages can you name regarding credit cards? What services do banks offer? What kind of bank services would you use abroad? What happens if you can’t pay your debts? What kind of bank do you use and are you satisfied with its servises? What do you think about bank fees? What is internet banking? What happens with your money when the bank goes bankrupt? Would you like to work in a bank? Why yes / not? Do you usually save money? Do you think rich countries should lend more money to the third world countries? Can you quess the right word? a) it´s the official American currency D _________ b) it´s a machine from which you withdraw money A__________ c) if I have no money, I am P _________ d) I can keep my money in a W _________ e) it´s the money I take from the bank when I want to buy a new house M _______ f) they money I get at work is my S _________ g) the opposite of SPEND is S _________ h) Czech crown, Japanese yen and Euro are C _________ i) the % that you pay monthly is the I __________ R __________

24 Comment these images What do you see in these pictures? Can you comment each picture and write words connected to them? Which of these pictures are positive and which negative? What currencies do you know and what is their position in the world market? Match these words with their Czech translation POCKET MONEY A) mrhat penězi BE WEALTHY B) být zajištěn BE WELL OFF C) darovat peníze EARN MONEY D) zbankrotovat INHERIT MONEY E) platit úroky KEEP MONEY FOR A RAINY DAY F) kapesné DONATE MONEY G) nemít žádné peníze, peníze došly SPEND A FORTUNE H) vydělávat peníze RUN OUT OF MONEY J) utratit veliké množství peněz WASTE MONEY K) zdědit peníze PAY INTEREST L) být bohatý GO BANKRUPT M) mít peníze pro strýčka Příhodu Comment and explain these quotes Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money talks. Time is money. 1F 2L 3B 4H 5K 6M 7C 8J 9G 10A 11E 12D

25 Banking - links - business English na BBC - studium business English online - procvičení BE - business letter - cvičení, články, poslech BE - rozcestník na procvičení, videa a poslech BE - BE online slovník - základní slovní zásoba video - poslech BE - procvičení BE - business magazín - business videa a poslech - procvičení BE

26 Measures of economic performance- dictionary and phrases
akcie - stock analýza - analysis C cyklus – cycle D dodávat - supply domácí - domestic E export - export H hodnota - value hrubý národní produkt - GDP I import - import inflace – inflation K kapacita - capacity kvalita života – quality of life M maloobchod – retail měřit - measure mzda - wage N nejistý - uncertain nezaměstnanost – unemployment O osobní - personal P padat - fall plán – plan plánovat - planning platba – payment pojištění - insurance potencionální – potentional povzbudit – encourage požadavek - demand primární – primary prodejce - vendor prostředí – environment průměný – average průmysl – industry průzkum - research půjčka - loan R rozhodnutí - decision růst – growth S sekundární – secondary skrytý – implicit slabost - weakness směnný kurz – exchange rate souběžný – coinsident soukromý - private statistika – statistics stimulovat - stimulate T transakce - transaction trvání – duration U utrácet - spend V výdaje - expenses výroba – production výrobce - manufacturer vzdělání - education Z zaměstnanec – employee zaměstnavatel – employer zásoby - inventories zboží - goods zdraví – health zemědělec - farmer zrychlit – speed up zvedat se - rise

27 Discussion What is the GDP? What are primary, secondary and tercial sectors of economy? What is the difference between real and nominal output? What is GDP per capita? What is the „business cycle“ and what role does it play in the growth of the GDP? Why does some economy grow fast? Why does some economy slow down its growth? What is inflation? What is deflation? How do inflation and deflation influence our lives? What causes inflation? These are results of inflation – can you comment them... CHANGE OF PRICES, CHANGES IN PLANNING OF PRICES, COMPETITIVENESS, SOCIAL STABILITY What is unemployment? How does the unemployment influence the GDP? What does low unemployment rate tell us about an economy? Can you comment the unemploymemt in the Czech Republic? What is „technological unemployment“? What is „structural unemployment“? Unemployment causes these changes in the society... crime, vandalism, family breakdowns and social welfare support, regional decay ...can you comment them? What is the „exchange rate“? How does the exchange rate influence the GDP? How would you comment the economical performance vs. infrastructure? How would you comment the economical performance vs. education? How would you comment the economical performance vs. health care? How would you comment the economical performance vs. housing? Can you comment the situation in the Czech Republic? a) Czech education b) Czech health care c) Czech housing situation d) Czech inflation e) Czech unemployment f) Czech GDP g) Czech social welfare support h) Czech crime rate j) exchange rate of the Czech crown against other currencies

28 Try to find the correct definition
Potential Growth A) the growth in output not including any adjustment for price changes expressed as ‘current prices´ Actual Growth B) the overall capacity of the economy (i.e. what the economy could produce if it used all its resources) Nominal Growth C) growth in GDP adjusted to take account of changes in the price level – expressed as ‘constant prices’ Real Growth D) the annual percentage increase in output 1b 2d 3a 4c Can you comment these 2 opinions? Republicans definition of a successful economy: 1. The stock market is up 2. Corporate profits are up 3. Taxes for the rich are down 4. Regulations of any kind are eliminated 5. Social programs are reduced as much as possible, elimination is the cure for everything 6. Wages for workers are kept low Democrats definition of a successful economy: 1. Unemployed are put back to work 2. Wages are increased 3. Wealth is spread out more equally 4. Sensible regulations are put in place and enforced to protect our financial, health and education systems 5. Taxes rates are adjusted to force corporations and the e=wealthiest among us to carry a share of the burden which is in line with the benefits they have received from society How do these things effect a successful economy? SCIENCE INDEPENDENCE EDUCATION INFORMATION SKILLS HUMAN RIGHTS TRUST WATER ENERGY NUTRITION POVERTY GREENHOUSE EFFECT POLUTION OCEAN RESOURCES LAND LONG-TERM THINKING REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS RELIGION

29 Measures of economic performance - links
– ekonomické ukazatele - seznam a vysvětlení ukazatelů - ekonomická data České republiky - stránky oficiálních českých statistik - zprávy ze světa ukazatelů a ekonomik - ukazatele USA - vývoj globální ekonomiky - současné úspěšné ekonomiky - pojednání o ekonomických ukazatelích - indikátory vývoje - prezentace na ekonomické indikátory

30 Advertising - dictionary and phrases
agentura - agency B balón - balloon billboard - billboard blog - blog Č časopis - magazine čtenář - reader D divák – viewer doména - domain dostupný – available G globální - global grafika - graphics CH chování – behaviour I ideologie – ideology inovace - innovation internet – internet inzerát - ad K kanál – channel klient - client konzumace - consumption komunikace – communication kreativní – creative kritika - criticism L letáček - flyer licence – licence logo - logo M manipulovat - manipulate marketing – marketing masový - mass N nabídka – offer nákupní středisko – shopping mall nákupní vozík – shopping cart nápad - idea nenáročný – unobtrusive nevyžádaná pošta - spam noviny – newspaper nutnost – necessity O obrazovka - screen P plakát - poster posluchač – listener povědomí - awareness povzbudit – encourage procento – percentage propagace - promotion přesvědčit – persuade přispět – contribute přístup - access R rádio - radio S satelite – satellite server – server síť – network skrytý - covert služba - service společnost – company sponzor – sponsor stanice - station T technika – technique technologie - technology televize – television televizní reklama – TV commercial tisk - press trend - trend trh - market U událost – event určit - determine úspěšný – successful uznávaný – established uživatel - user V venkovní – outdoor výhoda - benefit výrobek - product Z znělka - jingle zpráva - message zvýšit - increase

31 Discussion What is advertising? What is it good for? What is promotion? Where can I find „ads“? Where can I find advertisements? Where can I find TV commercials? What are some places used for advertising? What do you personally think about advertising? Have you ever bought anything according to an advertisement? How does advertising influence young people? Can you mention any movie where promotion of some product was quite obvious? Would you regulate advertising anyhow? Can you comment advertising vs. radio? Can you comment advertising vs. internet? Can you comment advertising vs. magazines? Can you comment advertising vs. driving? Are there any companies that advertise world wide? Do the advertising companies play games with us? What is a brand? Can you name any? What is your relationship to brand products? What is „crowd manipulation“? Can you remember any shocking billboard? Do you think that all the information told in the commercials and adverts is true? What is a „deadline“? Is it important to be creative in the advertising business? Is advertising influenced by politics? What is the relationship between media and advertising? What do you think about advertising vs. cigarettes? Do you think there should be TV commercials for pharmaceutical products? Do you think there should be naked women in the TV commercials? Doesn´t it humiliate them? Should TV commercials for alcohol be banned? Are there any TV commercials that you find completely inappropriate? Do you think that TV commercials have a strong effect on people? Do you do your shopping according to the food discounts you saw on the TV?

32 Choose one word, explain it and use it in a sentence
Comment these images. What is in them? How do they promote their product? Choose one word, explain it and use it in a sentence BRAND ______________________________________________ MONEY ______________________________________________ PUBLISH ______________________________________________ AGENCY ______________________________________________ WEBSITE ______________________________________________ SALES ______________________________________________ MEDIA ______________________________________________ TECHNOLOGY ______________________________________________ RESEARCH ______________________________________________ PRODUCT ______________________________________________ GOAL ______________________________________________ LINK ______________________________________________ E-COMMERCE ______________________________________________ IDEA ______________________________________________ INNOVATION ______________________________________________ GLOBAL ______________________________________________ NETWORK ______________________________________________

33 Advertising - links - inzerce a strategie - druhy inzerce - druhy a umístění inzerátů - formy inzerce - inzertní media - formy inzerce - zajímavá fakta o inzerci - zajímavé reklamy - šokující reklamy – 100 nejvíce šokujících reklam - nejvíce prosperující světové značky

34 Financial market - dictionary and phrases
akcie – stock B banka - bank bezpečnost - security C cenné kovy – precious metals cenné papíry - securities D daň - tax dividenda – dividend dluh - dept dluhopis - bond dodávka – supply dohoda - settlement domácí – domestic E exportér - exporter F fond – fund funkce - function H hodnota – value hypotéka - mortgage I importér - importer inflace - inflation investor - investor K kapitál - capital komodita – commodity kompenzace – compensation krize - crisis kupující – buyer L likvidita – liquidity lišit se - vary M mechanismus - mechanism měna - currency mezinárodní – international N nabídka - offer nemovitost – real estate nestálost - volatility O obchod – trade obchodování - trading P pevný – fixed penze - pension podíl – share podmínky – conditions pojištění - insurance prodávající - seller předmět – item převzetí - takeover příjem – income S společnost – company Š škála - scale T transakce – transaction U úrok – interest V vláda - government výměna – exchange Z zásadní – crucial zdroj – resource zlepšit - enhance změna - change

35 Discussion What is the financial market? Can you explain what stock market is? Who buys and sells stock? Do you understand the stock market? What are bonds? What is a capital? What does the capital of a company include? Who is a shareholder? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What is a budget? Does the budget have any parts? Do you have any family budget? Is it important to plan your finances? Why do companies take loans? Why do people take loans? What is more convenient – have money in the bank or invest the money? Can you comment it and speak about the positive and negative aspects? Who is a sponsor? Why do companies or business men sponsor something? Does it pay off? What is „financial risk“? Why and when do companies risk? Have you ever risked your finances? Why? How do you know that an investment is suspicious? How is your money secured in the bank? What happens when a bank goes bankrupt? Do you think that people in the Czech Republic save their money? Where do they invest and how much do they save monthly? What do you think are good investments? What do you think about investing into gold and silver? Do you think that public finances are managed well? Do you think that money coming from the EU is managed well? Where do you see the biggest problems? What are taxes? How much money do we pay on taxes? What does the state need the taxes for? What happens when a state goes bankrupt? What is „personal bankrupt“? What do you think about the financial future of the Czech Rebublic? Do you think people will get bigger salaries, that the taxes will be lower and things cheaper? Do you think banks will give better interest rates? Or do you think that the good times are over and only worse things are coming?

36 JOBS in economy and business – what do there people exactly do and would you like to have their job?
BANKER ________________________________________________ SECRETARY ________________________________________________ BROKER ________________________________________________ INSURANCE AGENT ________________________________________________ IT MANAGER ________________________________________________ FINANCIAL ADVISER ________________________________________________ ACCOUNTANT ________________________________________________ SALES MANAGER ________________________________________________ Do you know the correct answer? What is accounting? What is the difference between a fee and a price? What is the difference between a treasure and fortune? What is the difference betwen borrow and lend? What is the difference between earn and gain? What is the difference between allow and afford? what is the difference between receipt and recipe? What is „Cash flow“? What is a „Balance sheet“? How can we make a lot of money? What are some possible ways? BUSINESS PLAN – comment these parts of the business plan and speak about their importance and about what happens when these parts don´t work the way they should TIMELINE COMPETITOR ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS MARKETING PLAN FINANCIAL PLANNING PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BUSINESS OPERATIONS BUSINESS STATEMENTS

37 Financial market - links
- typy trhů a vysvětlení - finanční zprávy - situace na trzích, zprávy a statistiky - zprávy z burzy - CNN zprávy ze světa financí - struktura finančích trhů - kapitálové trhy a jejich struktura - burzovní zprávy - trhy v jednotlivých zemích - osobní finance a hospodaření – Wall Street Journal - národní rozpočet - rozpočet ČR

38 Marketing - dictionary and phrases
B budoucnost - future C cena – price cíl – target D drahý - expensive E efektivita - efficiency F faktor - factor funkce – function G globální – global H hodnocení - evaluation I impulz - impulse inovace - innovation instituce – institution internet – internet interval - span K konkurent - competitor konzultovat - consult komunikovat – communicate koupit – buy L levný - cheap M model - model N nástroj – instrument neúspěch - failure O orientace - orientation organizace - organization P plán – plan platnost – validity podpora - support poskytnout - provide požadavek – requirement proces - process prodat – sell prostředí - environment průmysl – industry předpovědět - predict připravit - prepare přístup – approach R relevantní – relevant rozdělení - segmentation rys – feature Ř řetězec - chain S snížit - descease současný – contemporary společný – mutual spolehlivý - reliable strategie - strategy U účel – purpose uchování - storage úsilí - effort úspěšný - successful V vnitřní - internal výroba – production výrobek - product vytvořit – create vývoj - development Z zachování - retention zajistit - ensure zákazník – customer zaměření – focus závěr - conclusion zboží – goods zdroj - source značka – brand zvýšit - increase

39 Discussion What is marketing? Can you name any of its features? What role does advertising play in marketing? Who is a consumer? Is it important to know our target group? Why? How can we influence the consumer to buy our product? Is it easy for a consumer to decide which product to buy? How do you decide? What are the features of a product you are looking for when you go shopping? What is the difference between quality and quantity? What would you say about the shopping behaviour of Czech people? What do we buy? What is important for us? Do people buy luxury things? Why yes / not? What influences our demand? Does media manipulate with us anyhow? Can you think of any example? What is „multicultural marketing“? Is marketing always a good thing? Do the companies care whether their products helps us or harms us? Is the package important for the product? Why? What is the difference between the things that you need and want? Can you compare a few products and their promotion, price, package and some other features? How does a company form the price of a product? What is „market research“? What answers does the company want to get after the market research? MARKETING PLAN – create your own marketing plan in pairs or groups choose the product _____________________________________________ think of the price _____________________________________________ think of the package _____________________________________________ think of ways of promotion ___________________________________ think of the target groups ___________________________________ think of distribution channels ___________________________________ think of innovations and plans for the future _________________________

40 Can you comment this image?
Can you write a brief definition for each bubble? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) advertise alliance brand deadline discount exchange guarantee jingle legal monopoly price packaging research refund strategy sample wants Marketing alphabet – guess the word A _______ to give information to the public about a new product or service A _______ a long-term relationship maintained by two or more firms B _______ kind, grade or trademark D _______ the time by which something must be finished or submitted D _______ reduction off the price list offered by a producer to a buyer E _______ activities associated with receiving something from someone by giving something in re-turn G _______ the assurance of the quality of goods offered for sale J ________ a short song used in a promotional announcement L ________ something that is permitted - not forbidden by law M _______ a market situation where one firm markets all the goods or services and can influence price P _______ something that must be given in order to obtain a thing P _______ promoting the product on the shelf and protecting it during shipment R _______ to make an extensive investigation into something R _______ a return of the amount paid for an item S _______ a plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific result S _______ an item given to people to try whether they like the product or not W ______ the wishes, needs, cravings, demands, or desires of human beings

41 Marketing - links - marketing historie - marketing, historie a jednotlivé části marketingu - marketing, důležité termíny - marketing, definice a výrazy - marketing – zprávy a informace - mezinárodní značky - zprávy ze světa marketingu - stránky pro učitele – marketing - rozcestník pro učitele, marketing a další - jak učit vynalézavost a kreativitu - marketing v ČR - marketing v ČR

42 Employment - dictionary and phrases
daň - tax dlouhodobý – long-term dobrovolník – volunteer dotazník - questionnaire důchod – retirement důvěra - trust F funkce - function G globalizace – globalization H hodnocení - evaluation CH charakteristika – charakteristics chování - behaviour chudoba – poverty I instrukce - instruction K kandidát – candidate konkurence – competition kvalifikace - qualification kvalifikovaný - skilled L lhůta - period M minimální - minimum mzda - wage N nábor - recruitment najmout si – hire nástroj - tool nekvalifikovaný - unskilled neuspět – fail nezaměstnanost – unemployment nezávislý - independent O odbory – union odstupné – severance odškodné - compensation P personál – staff platit - pay podepsat – sign podmínky – conditions pověst - reputation povinnost – duty pozice - position pozorování - observation požadavek - requirement práce – job práce (lidská) – labor pracoviště – workplace pracovní pohovor – job interview pracovní síla - workforce produktivita – productivity R rozhodnutí - decision S služba - service smlouva – contract společnost – company spolehlivý – reliable spolupráce – cooperation T tým – team týmová práce – team work U úkol - task V vedení - leadership výběr - selection vydělat si - earn výsledek – outcome vzdělání - education vztah - relationship Z zájem - interest zaměstnanec – employee zaměstnavatel – employer zaměstnanost - employment záruka - guarantee zisk – profit ziskový – profitable zkušenost – experience Ž žadatel – applicant životopis - CV

43 Discussion What is the job market? What is employment and unemployment? Why do people need to have a job? Where can people find a job? What is the first thing that you must do when you are interested in a position? What is a job interview? What are some things that you must do before a job interview? What kind of clothes are suitable? What kind of questions would you ask at a job interview? What kind of questions would you be asked? When do you think is the right time to start taking about money? What kind of benefits would you like to get? Would you prefer working individually or in a team? What is team work and are you a team player? What kind of qualities are you looking for in a boss? Have you ever had a bad boss? What are some qualities a good worker should have? Do you have those qualities? What is a CV? What kind of information can be found there? What is loyalty? Why should we be loyal to our employer? What is the difference between being employed and being self-employed? Can you find advantages and disadvantages? Is education important these days? What kind of things are required in almost every job? What do you think about the job market in the Czech Republic? Why do some people become unemployed? What do they do afterwards? Why is it hard for young and old people to find a job? Are languages important when you are looking for a job? Which languages are important and why? Do you think that young people understand the importance of education for their future? Would you study the same school again or would you choose a completely different job? What kind of jobs are well appreciated in the society? Are there any jobs that nobody wants to do? Why? Are there any jobs that you think are overpaid and underpaid? What about politicians and town munincipalities? Do they get enough money or too much? Would you be able to become a politician?

Look at these jobs and comment them. What do they do? Where do they work? Is it a good or bad job? What are the best things about this job? Would you like to do this job? Is this job well appreciated? Can you explain these words and use them in a sentence? SALARY HOLIDAY BENEFIT TEAM COLLEAGUE DUTY WORKING HOURS BOSS COMPANY CONTRACT TASK CV JOB INTERVIEW DRESS CODE LOYALTY RESPONSIBILITY

45 Employment - links - co je to zaměstnanost - příprava před pracovním pohovorem - otázky, které se mohou vyskytnout během pracovního pohovoru - tvorba životopisu - příklady a vzory životopisu - týmová práce - jak být dobrým zaměstnancem - jak být dobrým šéfem - pracovní povinnosti u různých zaměstnání - nejlépe a nejhůře placené práce - zaměstnanost v ČR - nejlépe platící firmy v ČR

46 Financial crimes - dictionary and phrases
alkohol – alcohol anonymita - anonymity B banka – bank Č černý trh – black market člen - member členství - membership D daň – tax droga – drug E etika - etics F falešný – counterfeit financování - financing H hierarchie - hierarchy hypotéka - mortgage K kasino – casino klan - clan krádež – theft krádež identity – identity theft kreditní karta – credit card L legální - legal M mafie - mafia majetek – property měna - currency N napadení - assault násilný – violent nelegální – illegal neoficiální - unofficial nezákonný – unlawful O oběť - victim obchod – trade obchodník - merchant obchodování – trading oficiální - official ovlivnit - influence P padělání – forgery palivo – fuel pašerák - smuggler pašování – smuggling peníze – money platba - payment podvod – fraud pohyb - move poradce – advisor potrestat - punish praní peněz – money loundering právo - right prevence – prevention prohibice - prohibition prostituce - prostitution původ - origin S síť – network soud – court soudní proces - trial spáchat - commit společnost - company Š šek – cheque T tabák - tobacco terorista – terrorist transakce – transaction trest - punishment trestní stíhání – prosecution trh - market trik - trick U účet - account účetní – accountant účetnictví – accounting umístění - location úplatkářství – bribery úřednický – white-collar útočiště - haven užitek - benefit V válka - war vězení – prison vězeň - prisoner vláda - government vlastnictví – ownership vloupání – burglary vražda – murder vydírání – black mailing vyhnutí se – evasion vyloupení – robbery vývoj - development Z zákon – law zbraň - weapon zdravotní péče – health care zdroj - source zjištění - detection zneužití - abuse zpronevěra - embezzlement

47 Discussion Why do people commit crimes? What happens when a criminal is caught? What follows? Do all criminals go to prison? Can you comment Czech prisons? Can you compare Czech and other prisons, e.g. American, Brazilian, etc.? What kinds of crimes do you know? What is black market? Why does it exist? What is prohibition and smuggling? What can I buy on the black market? Can you comment these items? Do people „buy and sell“ other people? Do people „buy and sell“ organs? Where do they get them? What do you think about the drug market? How do you think that the whole system works? What do you think about the attitude of the Czech Republic towards drugs and their legalization? Do you think there´s a lot of money in the „animal market?“ Why do people want to sell and buy weapons? What does it mean when something is „counterfeit“? What kind of crimes and connected to credit cards? What should we do when we lose our credit card? Would you ever use your credit card for paying online? Why do some groups support terrorism? What is Mafia? How and why did it start? What are some techniques the Mafia uses? What is corruption? Do you think it´s easy to bribe someone? Why do people do „money loundering“? What is the origin of such money? What is the difference between European countries and tax havens? Why do some people avoid paying taxes? Can you think of any famous cases in the future connected with financial crime? Who was Viktor Kožený? Do you think that all criminals get punished in the end? Why yes / not? How would you punish people who abuse other people or companies? Which financial crime do you think is the most horrible? Would you introduce physical punishment? Do you think that people who stole a lot of money lose their property when they go to prison or do they keep it and have a good life when they leave the prison?

48 Make a definition FRAUD ______________________________________________ PROSTITUTION ______________________________________________ SMUGGLER ______________________________________________ WEAPON ______________________________________________ WAR ______________________________________________ PRISON ______________________________________________ PUNISHMENT ______________________________________________ MONEY ______________________________________________ ABUSE ______________________________________________ WHITE-COLLAR ______________________________________________ How and why do you think they do it? How do people smuggle drugs? How do people smuggle weapons? How do people persuade women to become prostitutes? How do people bribe other people? How does a person become a member of mafia? How does a person become a dealer? How are animals smuggled? How do you think that people contact dealers and smuggers? Do you think there is any „etics“ between the criminals? What happens when the criminal wants to leave the Mafia? Czech Republic What do you know about Czech courts? Do you think it´s easy to bribe a Czech official? Do you think people commit tax crimes in the Czech Republic? Do you think that money is involved and abused in elections? Can you be 100% that Czech police will help you? How do you think that financial crimes are being investigated? Do you think that things like „conspiracy“ exist in the Czech Rebublic? And why would anyone get involved in it? Can you defend yourself anyhow against financial crimes? Do you think people wouldn´t commit financial crimes if they had enough money? And what is „enough money“? Do you think that criminals ever feel bad for those whose money they stole?

49 Financial crimes - links
– 10 největších finančích zločinů - finanční zločin - obchod s orgány - historie mafie - organizovaný zločin - zpronevěra - podplácení a korupce – vysvětlení pojmů - druhy finančních zločinů a jejich vysvětlení - zbraně na černém trhu - amnestie v ČR vs. finanční kriminalita - soudní systém v ČR

50 Management - dictionary and phrases
podnik – enterprise podpora - support princip - principle prostředí – environment předpis - regulation předpověď – forecast příprava - preparation R rozdělit – divide rozhodnutí – decision rozpočet - budget Ř ředitel - director řídit – direct řídící pracovník - executive S slabost - weakness současný – contemporary soukromý - private stávka - strike strategie - strategy stroj – machine U účel – purpose ukazatel - indicator uskutečnit – implement úspěch - success V vedení – governance veřejný - public většina – majority vize - vision vhodný - appropriate volby - elections volit - elect výroba – production vzdělání – education vztah - relationship Z zákazník - customer záměr – objective zdroj – resource zmocnit – empower zodpovědnost – responsibility zpětná vazba - feedback A aspirace – aspiration auditor - auditor B budoucnost - future C cena – price, cost cíl – goal D dárce – donor duhled - supervision dohlížet – oversee doporučení - recommendation F faktor - factor finance – finances G graf – chart H hodnocení - assessment I informace - infornation inovace – innovation J jistota - assurance K kariera - career komise - committee komunikace - communication kontroloval – control M manipulace - manipulation materiál – material mechanismus – mechanism menšina – minority mezilidský – interpersonal motivace - motivation motivovat - motivate N nástroj - tool O oddělení - department operace - operation organizace – organization organizování - organizing P peníze - money plán – plan plánování – planning pobočka - branch

51 Discussion Can you explain „management“ in your own words? Who is a manager and what skills should he have? Do you think it´s a good job to be a manager? What is human resources management? How can we „manage“ people? What is „strategic“ management? Can you mention any types of business strategies? What is „financial“ management? Basic fuctions of management are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling and motivation. Can you explain these terms and say what happens in these phases? Each company has its business policy. Why do you think companies have it? What can be the basic strategies of a company? What is „top-management“? What do there people do and what are their aims? Do you manage your time well? Have you ever thought of managing something in your life differently? How can employees be motivated? Is there a best was to organize a company? What distinguishes a successful organization from the others? What are the benefits of risk management? Does the culture influence the management anyhow? How do we assess people´s skills? What is the difference between IQ and EI? What should we do before making a decision? What is the value of time? Is innovation always good? Is it easy to re-gain reputation? Should a company be interested in its competition? Why? What are some ethical problems and dilemas in business? How can I motivate shareholders to invest into our company? What can I do to make my company visible and well known? How should we choose our suppliers? Can efficiency of people be increased? How? Choose some companies in your region and try to say something about their product, management, marketing, advertising and workers. What do you think about their products? What do you think should be done to improve things in that company?

52 Deside whether the following statements are DOs or DON´Ts for the manager
ASK AND LISTEN GET ANGRY BE RESPONSIVE BE COLD DISTANT AND RUDE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS SPEAK ABOUT PERSONAL PROBLEMS WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS WITHOUT CHECKING YOUR FACTS FIRST ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES LIE APPRECIATE THE WORK OF OTHERS SPY ON YOUR EMPLOYEES EXPLORE ALTERNATIVES SET LIMITS GO OUT WITH THE WORKERS CLARIFY ROLES OVER-REACT SPEAK ABOUT HIS INCOME Supply chain management What is a supply chain? How important is it in a complany? What happens when one part of the chain fails? These are the parts of the chain, can you think of things that can go wrong during each phase? a) Supplier b) Procurement c) Manufacture d) Product e) Inventory f) Distribution g) Logistic h) Retail i) Customer

53 Management - links - management – vysvětlení pojmu - management – zprávy a novinky - co dělat a nedělat v managementu - rady a tipy jak být dobrý manager - strategické plánování – zprávy ze světa managementu a strategie - jak jednat s lidmi - jednání s lidmi – rozcestník - management času - finanční management, rozcestník finanční management

54 Fastest growing econonies - dictionary and phrases
přetrvávat - linger příčina - cause R renovace - renovation revoluce – revolution roční – annual ropa – oil povnost - parity růst – growth S sector - sector služby – services snížení - reduction spotřeba - consumption standard - standard stinná stránka – drawback stroj – machine suma - sum Š štěstí – happiness T těžba – extraction transakce - transaction U udržitelnost - sustainability uspora - saving V vlastnictví - ownership vyčerpávání - depletion vydělat si - earn vývoj – development vzdělání - education Z zahraničí - abroad zajistit - ensure zaměstnanost – employment zaostávat - lag zboží – goods zdroj – resource zemědělstvíí – agriculture zlepšení - improvement změna - change zvýšit - increase A akcie – stock B bohatství - wealth C cena – price D deflace – deflation dopad – impact domácnost - household dostupný - available dvojitý – double E energie – energy G generace – generation H HDP – GDP hranice – border, boundary hruhý - gross I inflace – inflation investice - investment K kapitál - capital klesnout – drop kolonizace – colonization koncepce – conception kritika – critics kultura - culture M mechanizace – mechanization měnový - monetary N nedostatek - imperfection nerovnost - inequality O obchod – trade odhad – estimation odhadovat - estimate odstranit – eliminate P plyn - gas pokrok - advancement práce - labor procento – percentage produktivita – productivity přebytek - surplus

55 Where do you think the fastest growing economies can be found?
Discussion What does it mean when we say that an economy is growning fast? What happens? Where do you think the fastest growing economies can be found? Which industry do you think is the most important in the growth of an economy? Do you think that European countries are amoung those which are growing fast? Why? Why not? What about the USA? What would you say about the economy and development of this country? Have a look at the following pictures and try to answer the questions. IRAQ Where is it? Why do you think the economy is growing fast? What do you know about its culture? Would you llike to go there on holiday? Why was there a war a few years ago? What do you think about the relationship between Iraq and other countries? Which religion do they have and does it influence the situation in the country? MONGOLIA What can we say about the lifestyle of Mongolian people? What do they export? Do tourists go there? Do you think thay have good schools, schopping centres, cinemas and swimmin-pools? MOZAMBIQUE What do you think about the lifestyle in Africa? How different is it to European style of life? Why do some African countries live in complete poverty and some others are growing? What do you think about economical future of Africa in general?

56 LIECHTENSTEIN Where is it? What do you know about his country? Is it a member of the EU? Why do people go there? Is it a kingdom or a republic? Which languages do they speak? CHINA Where is China and who are its neighbours? Can you comment the pupulation in China? Why is their economy growing fast? What system of government do they have? Do they protect the environment? What is/was the policy of one child? Do Chinese procucts have a good quality? What does China export? Why do tourists go there for their holiday? LIBYA What system of government do they have in Libya? Why are there riots in Libya? What do you know about the religion in Libya? What are the natural resources in Libya? How does the fact that a country has a sea influence the economy of the country? Would you be interested in going to Libya? PARAGUAY What do you think about the economy of South American countries in general? Is Paraguay famous for anything? What do they export? What natural resources do you think are found there? Why is it such a good business when a country owns natural resources? What would you expect to see in Paraguay if you went there for holiday? Do you think that South American countries will play a big role in the global economy one day?

57 Fastest growing economies - links
- rozcestník s žebříčky zemí v rámci různých hledisek - žebříčky zemí z hlediska ekonomických a sociálních faktorů - Jižní Sudán - Sierra Leone - Východní Timor - Panama - Gambie - Chad - Zambie – Rwanda - Burkina Faso - Tajikistan - Ghana - Haiti – nejchudší a nejbohatší země světa

58 REVISION TASKS Each student chooses one chapter of the coursebook and presents it briefly The group discusses these words... (students choose them one by one) COUNTRY STATE GOVERNMENT MONEY CURRENCY ACCOUNTING LAW RIGHTS LAND ENVIRONMENT LABOR FINANCES BUDGET DEPT GDP GROWTH LOAN CRISIS STOCK MANAGEMENT MARKETING RESPONSIBILITY RICH POOR DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION INNOVATION DEPLETION NATURAL RESOURCES IMPORT EXPORT PRESIDENT MANAGER TRANSPORT CONSUMER INCOME OUTCOME PROFIT INTEREST RATE Each student makes up some definitions and the others guess the right word The teacher can make up some definition as well The teacher says the alphabet and when the students stop him/her the group tries to make up as many words as possible beginning with that letter The group can speak about the future of the economy, about European economy, global economy, global impacts of industry, depletion of resources, etc.

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