Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Jak navrhnout vertexový detektor pro studium CP narušení v novém experimentu Belle II Zdeněk Doležal, Zbyněk Drásal  Motivace  Modernizace urychlovače:

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Prezentace na téma: "Jak navrhnout vertexový detektor pro studium CP narušení v novém experimentu Belle II Zdeněk Doležal, Zbyněk Drásal  Motivace  Modernizace urychlovače:"— Transkript prezentace:

1 Jak navrhnout vertexový detektor pro studium CP narušení v novém experimentu Belle II Zdeněk Doležal, Zbyněk Drásal  Motivace  Modernizace urychlovače: SuperKEKB  Modernizace detektoru: Belle II  Vertexový detektor DEPFET PXD ÚČJF MFF UK,

2 Seminář ÚČJF 2 Zdeněk Doležal V ud V us V ub V cd V cs V cb V td V ts V tb B factory main task: measure CP violation in the system of B mesons specifically: various measurements of complex elements of Cabbibo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix CKM matrix is unitary deviations could signal processes not included in SM W±W± qiqi qjqj V ij 1- 2 /2 A 3 (  - i  ) A / A 2 A 3 (1-  -i  ) = B factory physics program

3 Seminář ÚČJF 3 Zdeněk Doležal CKM matrix Transitions between members of the same family more probable (=thicker lines) than others  CKM: almost a diagonal matrix, but not completely  V ud V us V ub V cd V cs V cb V td V ts V tb

4 Seminář ÚČJF 4 Zdeněk Doležal Three Angles:        or  B 0 ->Ψ K s,Ψ K L B -  D CP K - B 0       B   +  - Big Questions: We have 2 sides and 3 angles – heavily overdetermined. Are determinations of angles consistent with determinations of the sides of the triangle? Are angle determinations from loop and tree decays consistent?   (0,0) (0,1)          V ud V ub * V cd V cb * V td V tb * V cd V cb *

5 Seminář ÚČJF 5 Zdeněk Doležal Unitarity Triangle PDG 2008

6 Seminář ÚČJF 6 Zdeněk Doležal Unitarity Triangle PDG 2008

7 Seminář ÚČJF 7 Zdeněk Doležal CP Violation in B  f CP decays B 0 =db NBNB (N B – N B ) / (N B + N B )  f = ±1 for CP =  1

8 Seminář ÚČJF 8 Zdeněk Doležal CP Violation in B  f CP decays

9 Seminář ÚČJF 9 Zdeněk Doležal “… As late as 2001, the two particle detectors BaBar at Stanford, USA and Belle at Tsukuba, Japan, both detected broken symmetries independently of each other. The results were exactly as Kobayashi and Maskawa had predicted almost three decades earlier.” B- Factories (KEKB&PEP-II): A Success Story Quantitative confirmation of the KM model in the SM

10 Seminář ÚČJF 10 Zdeněk Doležal A tuhle znáte? Ó, profesoři Kobayashi a Hořejší! O čem asi disputují? To si musím poslechnout !

11 Seminář ÚČJF 11 Zdeněk Doležal e + source Ares RF cavity Belle detector Peak luminosity (WR!) : 2. 1 x cm -2 s -1 SCC RF(HER)‏ ARES(LER)‏ The KEKB Collider& Belle Detector The KEKB Collider & Belle Detector - e - (8 GeV) on e + (3.5 GeV) √s ≈ m Υ(4S) Lorentz boost: βγ= mrad crossing angle - Operating since 1999

12 Seminář ÚČJF 12 Zdeněk Doležal B CP B tag J/  KsKs ++ -- -- ++ K-K- l-l- Fully reconstruct decay to CP eigenstate Tag flavor of other B from charges of typical decay products  t=  z/  c Determine time between decays Υ (4s) determined B 0 (B 0 ) B 0 or B 0 B factories: Principle of measurement

13 Seminář ÚČJF 13 Zdeněk Doležal What is the next experimental step? Precision measurements Much larger sample needed for this purpose  Super B factory Hopefully new phenomena might be seen: – CPV in B decays from the physics outside the KM scheme. – Lepton flavor violations in  decays. Physics models can be identified (if new effects are observed) or new ones can be constrained (if nothing is seen). Even in the worst case scenario (e.g. for MFV), B , D  can probe the charged Higgs in the large tan  region. Physics motivation is independent of LHC. – If LHC finds NP, precision flavour physics is compulsory. – If LHC finds no NP, high statistics B/  decays would be a unique way to search for the TeV scale physics. Further Continuation of Flavour Physics possible at a Super B Factory

14 Seminář ÚČJF 14 Zdeněk Doležal Unitarity Triangle at SuperB PDG 2008, 1 ab -1 50ab -1

15 Seminář ÚČJF 15 Zdeněk Doležal How to do it? Upgrade KEKB & Belle

16 Seminář ÚČJF 16 Zdeněk Doležal The KEKB Performance Luminosity Records: Peak L = 2.1x10 34 cm -2 s -1 (2x the design value) Daily ∫Ldt = 1.5 fb -1 (2.5 x the design value) Total ∫Ldt ~ 950 fb -1 (as of July 2009) 1x10 34 cm -2 s x TeVatron 1,7 x PEPII 210 x LEP 2 x LHC 1 x ILC

17 Seminář ÚČJF 17 Zdeněk Doležal 3year shutdown for upgrade 10ab -1 (initial target ) ~ 2016 Results from Belle ~10ab -1 LHC(b) Prospects of ILC… L~2x10 35 cm -2 s -1 L~8x10 35 cm -2 s -1 50ab -1 by ~2020 Luminosity Prospects

18 Seminář ÚČJF 18 Zdeněk Doležal Strategies for Increasing Luminosity Accelerator Physics: Basic terms: Betatron functions: Luminosity:

19 Seminář ÚČJF 19 Zdeněk Doležal (1)Smaller  y * (2) Increase beam currents (3) Increase  y High-Current Option Nano-Beam Option Strategies for Increasing Luminosity

20 Seminář ÚČJF 20 Zdeněk Doležal KEKB Design KEKB Achieved (): with crab SuperKEKB Nano-Beam Scheme LHC  y * (mm)(LER/HER) 10/106.5/5.9 (5.9/5.9) 0.24/  x (nm) 18/1818(15)/242.8/  y (  m) / yy /0.056 (0.101/0.096) 0.09/  z (mm) 4~ 7575 I beam (A)2.6/1.11.8/1.45 (1.62/1.15) 3.6/ N bunches 5000~ Luminosity (10 34 cm -2 s -1 ) (2.08) 801 Design Options Comparison of Parameters

21 Seminář ÚČJF 21 Zdeněk Doležal Crab Cavities Crossing angle 22 mrad Head-on (crab) (Simulation : K. Ohmi ) Installed in KEKB (Feb. 2007) 22 mrad. crossing crab crossing

22 Seminář ÚČJF 22 Zdeněk Doležal Low emittance positrons to inject e- 2.1 A e+ 3.7 A Low emittance gun Nano-Beam SuperKEKB Redesign the HER arcs to squeeze the emitance. New Superconducting / permanent final focusing quads near the IP Colliding bunches Low emittance electrons to injectNew positron target / capture section Replace long TRISTAN dipoles with shorter ones (HER). TiN coated beam pipe with antechambers Add / modify rf systems. Belle II

23 Seminář ÚČJF 23 Zdeněk Doležal SuperKEKB is a lab priority, part of the KEK Roadmap. The Japanese government has allocated 32 oku-yen ($32 M, €23 M) for upgrade R&D in FY 2009, as a part of its economic stimulus package. KEK has submitted a budget request for FY 2010 and beyond of $350 M for construction. Funding in other countries on the way (D,SLO) We are proceeding with R&D while awaiting approval of the construction budget request. Project Status

24 Seminář ÚČJF 24 Zdeněk Doležal New Collaboration (Belle II) Belle II is a new international collaboration –Regular collaboration meetings (next Nov 2009) –Significant European participation (A, CH, CZ, D, PL, RUS, SLO) –Spokesperson P. Križan, Ljubljana Belle II member Active in detector R&D

25 Seminář ÚČJF 25 Zdeněk Doležal ÚČJF a Belle (II) 2005: ÚČJF členem projektu DEPFET (pixelové detektory pro ILC) Březen 2008: DEPFET jako varianta pro vertexový detektor Belle II Červen 2008: P. Križan: nabídka členství v Belle II Listopad 2008: DEPFET akceptován jako vertexový detektor Belle II Listopad 2008: ÚČJF přijat do Belle II Březen 2009: ÚČJF přijat do Belle

26 Seminář ÚČJF 26 Zdeněk Doležal ÚČJF a Belle (II) Fyzici: Z. Doležal, P. Kodyš, P. Kvasnička, R. Leitner Inženýři: J. Brož, P. Kubík, Studenti: R. Derco, Z. Drásal, L. Malina, J. Scheirich Belle II/DEPFET: návrh detektoru testování minimatic a výsledných modulů analýza dat ze svazků Belle/Belle II – analýza, fyzika: nepřímé CP narušení tracking a alignment MC produkce na GRID farmě v Praze

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