Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

CZECH100 Čeština 100 1 st week, 1 st day První týden, první den.

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Prezentace na téma: "CZECH100 Čeština 100 1 st week, 1 st day První týden, první den."— Transkript prezentace:

1 CZECH100 Čeština 100 1 st week, 1 st day První týden, první den

2 Before we begin the dialog… Dobrý den! Good day (Hello)! Dobrý: ý (“ee”) ‘ not an accent. ‘= LENGTH ‘ = čárka (a cute little line) Compare: – Byt (apartment) – Být (to be) r – the “Spanish rolling” r Greet your classmate as adult strangers!

3 Dialog prep To je Neil Parker. This is N. P je: “j” sound of “y” in “year” “yuck” je: not like the sound in “jet”

4 Dialog prep To je Věra Benešová. This is …. Věra is pronounced as “vjera”. š = similar to the English “sh” (shoe) ˇ over s is called a háček (a cute little hook) Benešová - á is long. Compare: – párku (of a sausage) – parku (of a park) Observe (for now) the last name ending in –ová.

5 Dialog prep (focus on the blue lines only) To je paní Parkerová. ….. Mrs/Ms. Parker. What is your last name? (Jaké máte příjmení?) What would be your brother’s/sister’s last name in Czech? (váš bratr, vaše sestra?)

6 Kdo je to? Who is it? To je…… pan prezident Miloš Zemanpan prezident Barack Obama Mr.

7 Tomáš, Tomáš Gaudek Mirka, Miroslava Rohrová Kdo je to? To je… (Take a guess) Observe male names end in a consonant Female names often end in a vowel - a

8 Kdo je to? Two people with cards will tell you. To je Vilém (Vilík) = William To je Helena (Helenka). Vilík and Helenka are intimate names like Kenny for Kendall/Kenneth, Liz for Elizabeth

9 Kdo je to? To je Ludmila (Lída) To je Jiří (Jirka). Intimate names for men may end in an –a.

10 Kdo je to? To je Václav (Vašek). To je Lucie (Lucka). C is pronounced as ts

11 Vaše jméno? Your name?

12 Dialog 1 prep To je Praha. …… Prague. Praha: “a” is short (not Práha) Praha: “h” try to sigh deeply and vibrate your vocal cords

13 Dialog 1 prep To je Neil Parker. Neil Parker je v Praze N. P. is in Prague.

14 To je Praha. To je pan prezident Obama. Pan prezident je …. – v Praze – Amerika – v Americe – Praha

15 Václav Havel with Mick Jagger In this photo: Mick Jagger je v Nebrasce ( Nebraska) v Praze (Praha) v Omaze. ( Omaha)

16 Just observe for now. To je Praha. This is Prague. Neil Parker je v Praze. N. P. is in Prague

17 Dialog 1 prep To je letiště. …… an airport. Letiště: ti, tě - “t” followed by the letters i and ě is a palatal consonant. Raise the back of your tongue and touch the back of your palate.

18 Sounds Tě vs. te ti vs. ty tělo (body) vs. tele (calf, a stupid child) tikat (to tick (e.g. clock) vs. tykat (to talk to someone with the informal YOU)

19 Dialog 1 prep Vy jste Věra Benešová? You are (Are you) ….? Jste: sounds like ste “j”+ consonant in the verb “to be”= not pronounced in daily speech. unless VERY formal and careful. Cf. je in To je Neil Parker, To je Věra Benešová. (j +vowel)

20 Jste ….? Ano (Yes) jsem X, Ne (no), nejsem X Míra Sára Klára Adam Martin Líza Petra Renata Your name is on the card you receive. Use the handout to try out some names to find out who your partner is Answer Ano or Ne.

21 Dialog prep Ano, to jsem já. Yes, it am I (it’s me). Ano, já jsem Věra. Yes, I am Věra. Já jsem Neil. I am Neil. Jsem = often sounds like sem You may hear j because of the preceding o and á

22 Reproduce the mini dialog. Choose the appropriate expressions What is Neil saying? –J–Já jsem Neil Parker –V–Vy jste Neil Parker? –V–Vy jste Věra Benešová? Jitka Krausová says: –A–Ano. –N–Ne. –D–Děkuji. JitkaNeil

23 Vy jste Tomáš, že? aren’t you? Ano, já jsem Tomáš. Ne. Já nejsem Tomáš (am not) Já jsem Petr. Ž is pronounced like justice

24 Dialog prep Těší mě! (it) pleases me (= pleased to meet you!) Recall tě, š mě = pronounced as mňe (ň is a nasal palatal, like the Spanish ñ. Another long vowel í (the same sound as ý)

25 DIALOG: Neil Parker arrives in Praha. He doesn’t know what V. B. looks like and approaches a woman… Neil: Dobrý den. Vy jste Věra Benešová? Věra: Ano. To jsem já. Neil: Těší mě. Já jsem Neil Parker.

26 Beginning of the alphabet A (á) B (bé) C (cé) D (dé) E (é) F (ef) G (gé) H (há) Ch (chá) čárka in é - long Compare téma (theme) vs. termoska (thermos) chá- = ch is pronounced like the German ch (Bach)

27 Numerals 1 jedna 2 dvě, dva 3 tři 4 čtyři 5 pět vě in dvě (pronounced dvje), like in Věra Similarly pě is pronounced pje čtyři: ř - pronounce j in jet and the Spanish rolling r at the same time (practice in your spare time)

28 Match numbers with á, bé, cé, dé, é, ef, gé, há, chá 1 (jedna). Greeting someone 2 (dva). Saying yes. 3 (tři). It`s me! 4 (čtyři). Asking someone if he is (David (name)) 5 (pět). Expressing pleasure meeting someone. 6 (šest). Introducing yourself. I am … a (á). Vy jste David ? b (bé). To jsem já. c (cé) Děkuji. d (dé) Ne. e (é). Na shledanou. f (ef). Dobrý den. g (gé.) Těší mě. h (há) Já jsem ……. ch (chá). Ano.

29 Dialog somewhat twisted: Neil Parker arrives in Praha. Neil: Dobrý den. Vy jste Věra Benešová? Věra: Ano. Vy jste Neil Parker? Neil: Ano. Těší mě, paní Benešová! Ms. Benešová! Věra: Mě taky! (it pleases) me, too!

30 Vocab to master The most generic greeting: Dobrý den! Pleased to meet you: Těší mě! Phrases: – Já jsem…. Vy jste….? – To je ….. – Praha Y-N: Ano. Ne.

31 Structure of this course Where things are – Canvas (recordings, powerpoint files, handouts), guest access Canvas – Book (CD#, glossary, keys to exercises) dialog-driven approach, but you will get a plenty of systematic grammar instruction. Stay tuned! Goal: Units 1-7 (may be less, may be more) for Sem I. (goals will be different for grad students) tests vocab you need to learn to use will be given at the end of each hour in our ppt. (ppt will be uploaded in canvas so you can review) You will receive a lot of handouts (posted after use) in this course. Estimated time commitment: 30min to 1 hour a day (but every day) Getting too much or too little? – Talk to me, or send me an email! Smska – 401 699 3052

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