Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

VY_32_INOVACE_Sei_III_06 My weekend Název projektu: OP VK 1.4.72038519 Registrační číslo: CZ.1.07/1.4.00/21.2952 OP Vzdělání pro konkurenceschopnost 1.4.

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Prezentace na téma: "VY_32_INOVACE_Sei_III_06 My weekend Název projektu: OP VK 1.4.72038519 Registrační číslo: CZ.1.07/1.4.00/21.2952 OP Vzdělání pro konkurenceschopnost 1.4."— Transkript prezentace:

1 VY_32_INOVACE_Sei_III_06 My weekend Název projektu: OP VK Registrační číslo: CZ.1.07/1.4.00/ OP Vzdělání pro konkurenceschopnost 1.4. Zlepšení podmínek pro vzdělávání na základních školách Autor materiálu: Šárka Seidelmannová

2  Datum vytvoření:  Ročník: devátý  Předmět: Anglický jazyk  Anotace: Po ověření učebního materiálu budou žáci umět hovořit o svých povinnostech a zálibách. Budou umět popsat, co dělají o víkendu.


4 Talk: - about your duties and entertainment. - what you do during the day (in the morning, afternoon, evening) - about your favourite hobbies - where, how and with who you spend your free time

5 - take the rubbish out - cook the dinner - set the table - iron - clean windows - dust a place - feed the pet - water the garden - wash up - do the washing (prát prádlo) - make the bed - tidy your room - do the shopping - sweep and vacuum the floor - wipe the floor - clean the car/bike

6 Entertainment: - listening music: radio, MP3 player, record player, pop/classical…music) - watching television: channel(Nova, Prima, Čt 1… programme (comedy, cartoons, quizzes…) -reading: book (novel, poetry)/ magazine/ newspaper/ comics - games: to play cards/ draughts (dáma)/ chess/board game (stol. hra) - sewing (šití): fabric (látka), scissors, thread (niť), needle (jehla) -knitting (pletení): knitting needles (pletací jehlice), wool, pattern (vzor) - making things (kutilství): to do woodwork (pracovat se dřevem), saw (pila), hammer (kladivo), screwdriver (šroubovák), to mend (opravit) something

7 - painting: exhibition (výstava), art galery, brush (štětec), paint (barva), pencils (pastelky), on glass -collecting: stamps, posters, stones, cards… - playing: musical instrument (piano, violin, guitar, drums,…) - photography: to take a photo, camera,video camera, photo - cooking: recipe, ingredients, to mix, to taste… - to go to: disco, cinema, theatre, ballet, restaurant - pets: (dog, cat, budgie, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, tortoise, fish, mouse), kennel(bouda), basket (koš), cage (klec), tank (nádrž)

8 -gardening: to water, lawn, flowerbed (květinový záhon), lawnmower (sekačka na trávník), vegetable patch (zeleninový záhon), soil (půda), grass (tráva) - take a trip: to walk, to také the bus, go by train/car, to camp, go to the cattage, counryside, mountains - do some sport: go fishing/ swimming/ running/ skiing/ skating/climbing, to ride a bike/motorbike/horse, play football, hockey, basketball, handball,floorball, tennis, table tennis, golf, do karate/yoga/

9 On Saturday I usually get up later at about nine o´clock. I put on my clothes and I have brekfast. After that I brush my theeth and my hair and I make my bed. Then my mum mostly tell me what I should do. I often go shopping or I do some housework. I must always clean my room. It´s mean I vacuum the carpet, dust a place and then I usually clean the bathroom or I take the rubbish out. It´s horrible for me! I hate it.

10 We sometimes go to the cottage with my grandma and grandpa. It´s delivery (vysvobození). I like make the food. Therefore I often help my mum or grandmum, assist with cooking. I set the table too and I must wash up. In the afternoon I have free time. In spring or summer I play with my friends football or any ball game.

11 In winter I often go with my parents to the mountains. We go skiing or snowboarding and in the evening we play some board game or we meet our friend and we talk and discuss. It´s wonderfull time.

12 On Sunday we sometimes take a trip. I and my dad climb the mountain. When I stay at home I listen to music, play with our dog or I go for a walk with it. In the afternoon I do my homework, I play computer game or I write .

13 In the evening I usually watch my favourite crime serial story or I play the guitar. After that I have a bath and I go to sleep.

14 Zdroj: -Project plus – Student´s book, Work Book, Tom Hutchinson, Oxford University - Terasoft, Greenstreet, multilicenční verze

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