Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

EU peníze středním školám Název vzdělávacího materiálu: Describing geography Číslo vzdělávacího materiálu: AJ1-15 Šablona: II/2 Inovace a zkvalitnění výuky.

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Prezentace na téma: "EU peníze středním školám Název vzdělávacího materiálu: Describing geography Číslo vzdělávacího materiálu: AJ1-15 Šablona: II/2 Inovace a zkvalitnění výuky."— Transkript prezentace:

1 EU peníze středním školám Název vzdělávacího materiálu: Describing geography Číslo vzdělávacího materiálu: AJ1-15 Šablona: II/2 Inovace a zkvalitnění výuky cizích jazyků na středních školách. Název sady vzdělávacích materiálů:Materiály pro přípravu k maturitě Autor: Mgr. Michala Nyklesová Datum vytvoření: 7. 6. 2014 Garant (kontrola):Mgr. Jarmila Jurečková Ročník: vyšší gymnázium Vzdělávací oblast: Jazyk a jazyková komunikace Vzdělávací obor: Anglický jazyk Metodika/anotace:Powerpointová prezentace - pomůcka k popisu země, krajiny - slovní zásoba a fráze, informace. Časový rozvrh:40 minut Zdroje: ( Možné uvést v závěru) viz. poslední slide Gymnázium Františka Křižíka a základní škola, s.r.o.

2 Describing geography

3 The Earth The Equator The Equator = an imaginary line drawn around the middle of the Earth that is exactly the same distance from the North Pole and the South Pole. The Equator divides the Earth into two hemispheres. Meridian = Meridian = one of the imaginary lines from the North Pole to the South Pole, drawn on a map of the Earth: Prime meridian in Greenwich, London. Hemisphere located Hemisphere = the half of the world that is south/north of the Equator. Australia is located in the southern hemisphere.

4 The Earth

5 The country To cover = to occupy: To cover = to occupy: The UK covers an area of about 24,000 km To extend = To extend = to continue for a particular distance or over a particular area: The River Mississippi extends across the USA. To stretch = To stretch = to spread out or cover a large area of land: The beach stretches for over four miles. To lie = To lie = if a town etc. lies in a particular place, it is in that place: The Tasman Sea lies between Tasmania and Australia. To border (on) = border To border (on) = if one country/state/area borders another, it is next to it and shares a border with it: the states bordering on the Gulf of Mexico. A frontier = A frontier = the border of a country: This village is close to the frontier between England and Wales. To divide (into) = To divide (into) = to separate into two or more parts: Here, the river divides into three channels.

6 The country Describe the location of the Czech Republic using the vocabulary from previous slide

7 The surface Altitude Altitude = the height of an object or place above the sea: At high altitudes it is difficult to get enough oxygen. Ahill steep A hill = an area of land that is higher than the land around (uphill, downhill, steep hill) Amountain A mountain = a very high hill: the Rocky Mountains (= peak) A mountain range A mountain range = a group of mountains or hills, usually in a line: a land of high mountain ranges A valley A valley = an area of lower land between two lines of hills or mountains A peak /a summit A peak /a summit = the top of a mountain: Many people have now reached the summit of Sněžka.

8 The surface

9 A slope A slope = a piece of ground or a surface that slopes: ski slope Lowlands Highlands Lowlands = an area of land that is lower than the land around it: the Missouri lowlands (opp. Highlands) Acanyon A canyon = a deep valley with very steep sides of rock that usually has a river running through it: the Grand Canyon A pass A pass = a high road or path that goes between mountains to the other side: a narrow mountain pass A cave A cave = a large natural hole in the side of a cliff or hill, or under the ground, made by water An abyss An abyss = a deep empty hole in the ground: The Macocha Abyss

10 The surface – speak out

11 Water A spring A spring = a place where water comes up naturally from the ground: There are several hot springs in the area. A brook A brook = a small stream: a babbling brook A tributary flows A tributary = a stream or river that flows into a larger river Rapids Rapids = part of a river where the water looks white because it is moving very fast over rocks (peřeje) A mouth/ an estuary A mouth/ an estuary= the wide part of a river where it goes into the sea: the Thames estuary Confluence Confluence = the place where two or more rivers flow together Freshwater Freshwater (adj.) = having water that contains no salt: freshwater lakes

12 Water – speak out

13 Water A glacier glacial A glacier = a large mass of ice which moves slowly down a mountain valley (adj. glacial) An archipelago An archipelago= a group of small islands A bay/gulf A bay/gulf = a large area of sea partly enclosed by land: The Hudson Bay A cape/peninsula A cape/peninsula = a piece of land almost completely surrounded by water but joined to a large area of land: The Florida peninsula A strait A strait = a narrow passage of water between two areas of land, usually connecting two seas: The Dover Strait A canal A canal = a long passage dug into the ground and filled with water, either for boats to travel along: the Panama Canal A reef A reef = a line of sharp rocks, often made of coral A cliff A cliff = a large area of rock or a mountain with a very steep side, often at the edge of the sea or a river

14 Water – speak out

15 Vegetation A pasture A pasture = land or a field that is covered with grass and is used for cattle, sheep etc to feed on The woods = a small forest The woods = a small forest A swamp = A swamp = land that is always very wet or covered with a layer of water A bog A bog = an area of low wet muddy ground, sometimes containing bushes or grasses (močál) Peat bog Peat bog = black substance formed from decaying plants under the surface of the ground in some areas, which can be burned as a fuel, or mixed with soil to help plants grow well (rašelina) Desert = (= arid) Desert = a sandy or rocky land where the climate is very hot and dry (= arid)

16 Let´s speak Describe the picture in detail:

17 Let´s speak Choose an English speaking country and describe its geography in detail using a map. Explain in your own words: SLOPE, ABYSS, ARCHIPELAGO, ALTITUDE, PEAT BOG, PASTURE, SWAMP, SUMMIT, CAPE, RAPIDS, CANYON, LOWLANDS

18 Zdroje a odkazy Slide 4 -, Slide 6 –, Slide 8 – Slide 10 –,, &tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=pviyU9EdyYrsBpadgbgO&ved=0CDEQsAQ&biw=1600&bih=773#fac rc=_&imgdii=RGzySk3fpx5d5M%3A%3B4upYAC_c8BRkIM%3BRGzySk3fpx5d5M%3A&imgrc=RGzySk oc%252Ftodgha%252F%3B683%3B1024,, &tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=pviyU9EdyYrsBpadgbgO&ved=0CDEQsAQ&biw=1600&bih=773#fac rc=_&imgdii=RGzySk3fpx5d5M%3A%3B4upYAC_c8BRkIM%3BRGzySk3fpx5d5M%3A&imgrc=RGzySk oc%252Ftodgha%252F%3B683%3B1024 Slide 12 -, stanku-u-pramenu-vltavy,, wcth00.jpg, stanku-u-pramenu-vltavy wcth00.jpg Slide 14 -, motor-yachts-september/brijuni-archipelago-2, 1/corinth-canal/,, practices-failing-to-save-the-reef/, motor-yachts-september/brijuni-archipelago-2 1/corinth-canal/ practices-failing-to-save-the-reef/ Slide 16 - English Vocabulary in Use - upper intermediate (OUP, 1995)

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