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Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Be careful! KIP/AMPR 2009/10 doc. Ing. Jiří Vacek, Ph.D.

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1 Be careful! KIP/AMPR 2009/10 doc. Ing. Jiří Vacek, Ph.D.

2 affect – effect Affect and effect are often confused. The most important thing to remember is that affect is used as a verb and effect is normally used as a noun. When they are used in this way, they are similar in meaning, signifying ‘influence’, ‘impact’ or ‘change’. Compare the following: 'The really hot weather affected everybody’s ability to work.' 'I know my neighbours play loud music late at night, but that doesn’t affect me.I can sleep through anything.' 'The number of tourists travelling to Britain this year has not been affected by the strength of the pound.' 'The tablets which he took every four hours had no noticeable effect on his headache.' 'My words of comfort had little effect. She just went on crying and wouldn’t stop.' Note: we talk about someone or something having an effect on something or someone. If we use effect as a verb, it means to ‘carry out’ or to ‘cause something to happen’, but it is used only in very formal English. Consider the following: 'Repairs could not be effected because the machines were very old.'

3 efficient – effective These two qualitative adjectives are often confused. If somebody or something is efficient, then he, she or it works in a well-organised way, without wasting time or energy. If something is effective, it works well and produces the results that were intended. effective – doing the right thing efficient – doing things right

4 efficient 'This engine is really efficient, it can run for 30 km on only 1 litre of fuel.' 'She was efficient in everything she did and was frequently commended for exemplary service to the organisation.' 'He hasn’t made very efficient use of his time in revising for these exams: he has made no notes and his concentration spans appear to last for no longer than ten minutes.'

5 effective Consider the following examples: 'These tablets really are effective. My headache’s much better now.' 'The only effective way to avoid hay fever at this time of the year, if you are a sufferer, is to stay indoors.'

6 Management - leadership Similar to efficient – effective Management - doing things right Leadership - doing the right thing

7 Involvement - Commitment In breakfast, the chicken is involved, the pig is committed. He commited suicide – He was involved in suicide

8 Challenge A challenge is a general term referring to things that are imbued with a sense of difficulty and victory. Imbued = prosycen, prostoupen

9 Problem Thing that is difficult to deal with or understand; sth. to be solved Question to be answered or solved

10 Accountability - responsibility - liability Accountable (to sb for sth) – required or expected to give an explanation for one´s action A is accountable to B when A is obliged to inform B about A’s (past or future) actions and decisions, to justify them, and to suffer punishment in the case of eventual misconduct. Responsible (for sb/sth) – legally or morally obliged Liable (for sth) – responsible by law

11 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. Ideally, CSR policy would function as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business would monitor and ensure their adherence to law, ethical standards, and international norms. Business would embrace responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

12 Liability In law a person is said to be legal liable when they are financially and legally responsible for In commercial law, limited liability is a form of business ownership in which business owners are legally responsible for no more than the amount that they have contributed to a venture. If for example, a business goes bankrupt an owner with limited liability will not lose unrelated assets such as a personal residence (assuming they do not give personal guarantees). This is the standard model for larger businesses, in which a shareholder will only lose the amount invested (in the form of stock value decreasing).commercial lawlimited liabilitybankrupt Manufacturer's liability is a legal concept in most countries that reflects the fact that producers have a responsibility not to sell a defective product. See product liability.product liability

13 Process - project Process – method to do sth., series of actions or operations performed in order to do, make or achieve sth. Project - temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result

14 Goal - objective Goals are broad statements of intent Objectives are partial achievements leading to the goal

15 Output - outcome Output – deliverable, mesurable result (creation of xx new jobs) Outcome – long-term impact (better quality of life)

16 Business, company Podnik, firma, společnost (obchodní!) NE society - neplést s českým společnost, francouzským Societé, německým Gesselschaft) Enterprise, venture

17 C-LEVELS CEO – chief executive officer CFO – chief finance officer CIO – chief oinformation officer CKO – chief knowledge officer

18 Entrepreneuship Podnikatelství – approach to life, risk attitude Intrapreneur – entrepreneur within larger company

19 Policy Ve většině případů NENÍ politika (pouze v takových případech jako např. Národní politika výzkumu a vývoje), odpovídá spíše českému strategie policy-maker – who develops the policy

20 Partisanship partisanship – stranictví bi-partisan – nestranný (republikáni – demokrati)

21 Stakeholder stake = sázka holder = držitel stakeholder = ten, kdo má něco v sázce, kdo má na projektu apod. nějaký zájem česky někdy zájmové skupiny, zainteresované skupiny – majitelé, management, zaměstnanci, veřejná správa, neziskové organizace a občanská sdružení, …

22 Control Kontrola – statistical control Řízení - numeric control quality control – může mít oba významy

23 Controlling Controlling je soubor nástrojů, vytvářející systém vedoucí k efektivní alokaci výrobních zdrojů uvnitř firmy tak, aby byly správně vytvořeny (kvantifikovány) a naplněny cíle podniku v měnících se podmínkách vnější ekonomiky

24 Reporting Podstatou reportingu je definování klíčových parametrů výkonnosti (KPi´s) pro každého zaměstnance nebo oddělení. Mezi klíčové parametry patří např. výkonnost, kvalita a rychlost. Každý parametr má svoji váhu, na jejímž základě se následně dá spočítat např. hodnocení zaměstnance a jeho výše odměny.

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