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Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Představení Azure Služeb Jan Pospíšil – Senior Technology

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1 Představení Azure Služeb Jan Pospíšil – Senior Technology Evangelist @pospanet

2 Cloud Computin g t Compute Inactivity Period t t t Zap & vyp Například dávkové zpracování Nadbytečná kapacita je nevyužitá Nečekaná zátěž Náhlé zvýšení zátěže ovlivňuje výkon Nevyplatí se pořizovat nadbytečnou kapacitu Compute Rychlý růst Úspěšná služba potřebuje růst Udržet krok je výzva pro IT Compute Predikované špičky Periodické navyšování zátěže Nevyužitá IT kapacita Compute

3 On Premises Zákazník spravuje všechno Infrastructure as a Service Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Azure spravuje hardware a virtualizaci Zákazník spravuje OS, data i aplikaci Platform as a Service Azure spravuje i běhové prostředí Zákazník spravuje aplikaci Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data Software as a Service Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Poskytovatel spravuje všechno Modely nasazení

4 Škálování větší zdroje více zdrojů 1×64 64×1

5 Azure ve světě 19 regionů v roce 2015 Datacentra Regionální partneři

6 Kontinuální georeplikace > 800 kml Microsoft Azure Storage Georeplikace

7 Jak funguje Dynamicky alokované zdroje Automatické přesouvání Automatická obnova Fabric Controller / Guest OS

8 Ovládání Webový portál PowerShell / CLI Management Libraries REST API


10 Fyzické zabezpečení Omezený přístup, ochranka 24/7 Pohybové senzory, biometrické snímače Vícefaktorová autentizace Nezávislé zdroje energie

11 Bezpečnost infrastruktury Oddělené síťové segmenty Interní firewall Interní TLS Monitoring a detekce incidentů Automatická konfigurace a recovery

12 Služby Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines Web Sites Cloud Services Mobile Services Storage SQL Database HDInsight Backup and Recovery Cache Notification Hubs Service Bus Media Services BizTalk Services Active Directory SchedulerCDN Multi-Factor Authenticatio n Visual Studio Online Virtual Network Traffic Manager ExpressRou te Compute Data App services Network API Managemen t DocumentDB Search Files Machine Learning Automation Data Factory Batch RemoteAp p Event Hubs Operational InsightsStream Analytics Key Vault

13 Cloud Management Portal >_ Scripting (Windows, Linux and Mac) REST API Boot VM from New Disk Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS Oracle Database 11g R2 SAP HANA Developer Edition Windows Server 2012 R2

14  Focus on your application  Scalability, availability and reliability  Monitoring and diagnostics

15 Web Role All features of a worker role + IIS 7, 7.5 or IIS 8.0* ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, 4.0 or 4.5* – 64bit Hosts  Webforms or MVC  FastCGI applications (e.g. PHP)  Multiple Websites Http(s) Web/Worker Hybrid  Can optionally implement RoleEntryPoint *with Windows Server 2012

16 Worker Role Patterns Queue Polling Worker Poll and Pop Messages within while(true) loop E.g. Map/Reduce pattern, background image processing Listening Worker Role Create TcpListener or WCF Service Host E.g. Run a.NET SMTP server or WCF Service External Process Worker Role OnStart or Run method executes Process.Start() Startup Task installs or executes background/foreground process Custom Role Entry Point (executable or.Net assembly) E.g. Run a database server, web server, distributed cache

17  Fast creation (<1’)  Language Support  Deployment (Staged)  Source Control Integration  Scale  Web Jobs  Site Slots  Traffic Manager  Backup  Hybrid Connections  Redis Cache GitHub Visual Studio Online Git BitBucket CodePlex DropBox FTP

18 Windows Store iOS Android Xamarin Sencha Windows Phone iOS Android HTML 5/JS SDKs Node.js Express.NET Web API REST API FacebookTwitterMicrosoftGoogle Active Directory SQL Table Storage Blob Storage WNS & MPNS APNSGCM Mongo DB Notification Hubs Source Control Hybrid Connections

19 … Fabric Compute Storage Application Blobs Queues REST Tables Files SMB “Microsoft Azure Storage: A Highly Available Cloud Storage Service with Strong Consistency”, ACM Symposium on Operating System Principals (SOSP), Oct. 2011

20 SQL Database SQL Server database technology as a service Fully Managed Enterprise-ready with automatic support for HA Designed to scale out elastically with demand Ideal for simple and complex applications

21 Subnets in Windows Azure Virtual Network For network administrators Provides network admins the control to setup subnets in the Cloud and manage them as extensions of on-premise datacenters

22 North America Europe North Europe US West

23 Flexible hybrid or cloud deployment options Scale without large capital expense Delivered via Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol and RemoteFX Remote applications delivered from the reliable Azure platform Access from Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, and Android devices User No Linux support No Templates to use in the cloud No Mapping to local drives, USB, serial ports No Access to other VMs

24 { } JS

25 25 Mobiles Services Store data in the cloud, authenticate users, and send push notifications to your application within minutes. Web Sites Deploy web applications on a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure. Media Services Cloud-based media solutions including both on-demand and live streaming capabilities. Quickly deploy a CDN solution optimized to meet your needs, including media, dynamic web applications, or mobile services.

26 On-Premises Active Directory ADFS 2.0 3 rd Party Apps Microsoft Azure Active Directory Microsoft Apps Your Apps A modern cloud service providing identity management and access control capabilities to cloud applications



29 Service Bus Relay: Scenario: You have on-premise systems that you need to communicate with directly from outside your organization… Solution: Internal Web Services are exposed securely via the Relay which passes calls into the on-premise service and back to the calling clients Service Bus Queues: Scenario: Multiple systems and remote clients need to send business events to head office which processes these messages under varying load. Solution: Queues decouple senders from receivers, multiple receivers can handle varying load, simple to add new senders without impact. Service Bus Topics: Scenario: Multiple actions have to be taken as a result of incoming messages from external systems but these actions frequently change. Solution: Topics are special queues that have subscriptions which contain rules to determine which messages a subscription will contain. E A DC B


31 Websites Feature Overviews

32 .NET Python Develop apps with… Node.js Java PHP

33 CI / TFS, Github, VSO, etc. 2) Code Repository 1) Developers 4) Deploy to slot5) Test 7) Deploy to Cloud 6) Monitor and Improve Azure 3) Build Contoso App 6) Swap

34 AutoScale



37 Gallery

38 In-depth app monitoring

39 Remote monitoring and alerting

40 40

41 Backup \ Restore

42 Staging




46 Testing in Prod. 100% 80% 20%


48 Based on customer feedback we are moving to a model based on Predictable Performance

49 Incremental performance and features with easy upgrade and downgrade *The 99.99% availability SLA does not apply to Web and Business editions, which continue to be supported at 99.9% availability.

50 Web / BusinessBasic / Standard / Premium Machine Compute Writes Reads Memory DB 1 DB 2 DB 3 DB 4 DB 7 DB 5 DB 6 DB 8 DB 9 Machine Compute Writes Reads Memory DB 1 DB 2 DB 3 DB 4 DB 7 DB 5 DB 6 DB 8 DB 9 DB 1 DB 2 DB 3 DB 4 DB 7 DB 5 DB 6 DB 8 DB 9 Noisy neighbor! Bounding boxes eliminates noisy neighbors

51 Monitoring % of current Performance Level Utilization 75% Read 50% Write 50% CPU 60% Memory Compute Writes Reads Memory DB workload Bounding Box

52 Performance is easily scaled up or down to meet changing workload and business needs B S0 S1 S2 P1 P2 P3

53 BasicStandardPremium Performance Levels (DTU) 5S0: 10 S1: 20 S2: 50 P1: 100 P2: 200 P3: 800 ASDB results16,600 tx/hourS1:,520 tx/minute S1:,940 tx/minute S2: 2,570 tx/minute P1: 105 tx/second P2: 228 tx/second P3: 735 tx/second Maximum DB size2GB250GB500GB Price* per hour (month)$0.0069 (~$5)S0: $0.0208 (~$15) S1: $0.0417 (~$30) S2: $0.1042 (~$75) P1: $0.6458 (~$465) P2: $1.292 (~$930) P3: $5.167 (~$3,720) *Starting November 1 st

54 Use monitoring and alerts to understand and manage resource utilization



57 Premium P1 Standard SO Standard S2 [500-600] Premium P2 [400-500] Standard S1 [200-300] Basic [100-200] Basic [200-300] Basic [300-400] Basic [500-600] Basic [600-700] Scale out/in Scale up/down Basic [400-500] Basic [0-100]

58 [ shards_global ] sidsmidserverdatabase 11Server1DB1 21Server1DB2 [shardmaps_global] smidname 1RangeShardMap [ shard_mappings_global ] midsmidminmaxSid 1101001 21 2002 Shard Set DB 1 [0-100)... DB 2 [100-200) DB 3 [200-300) DB 4 [300-400) DB 5 [400-500) DB 6 [500-600) DB n [n – n+100) Shard Map Manager

59 Client App DDR APIs SELECT * FROM customers WHERE customer ID = 104 DB 1 [0-100)... DB 2 [100-200) DB 3 [200-300) DB 4 [300-400) DB 5 [400-500) DB 6 [500-600) DB n [n – n+100) Application Developer Shard Map Manager

60 DB1 Geo-replication minimizes business interruption from possible disasters

61 Enterprise-grade database-as-a- service with easily accessible tier-1 capabilities


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