Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Prezentace se nahrává, počkejte prosím

Neurobehavioural Sciences I Psychiatry 28.11.-6.12.2013 Lucie Bankovská Motlová

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1 Neurobehavioural Sciences I Psychiatry Lucie Bankovská Motlová

2 datetimeformplaceteachertopic practical19Bankovská MotlováIntroduction Psychiatric examination practical19Bankovská MotlováPsychitric examination seminar19FujákováDisturbances of behaviour and emotions practical19Bankovská MotlováMental status examination practical19Bankovská MotlováMental status examination seminar19MohrPsychotic disorders: neurobiology practical19Bankovská MotlováPsychotic disorders: symptoms practical19MertlováPsychotic disorders: patients seminar19MohrMood disorders: neurobiology practical19BarešMood disorders: symptoms practical19HankaMood disorders: patients seminar19KosováNeurotic disorders: neurobiology – 13.00practicalOddělení léčby závislostí VFN Apolinářská 4, Praha 2 PáleníčekAddiction: neurobiology, symptoms, patients practical seminar practical19MikolášNeurotic disorders: symptoms practical19MikolášNeurotic disorders: patients practical19Bankovská MotlováSummary, feedback, credit

3 Lecture , Jelínkova lecture room, Dean´s building Prof. Höschl Neurobiology of anxiety and depression

4 How to fill-in Student´s record Sign that you have been educated about safety principals 17 lines for 17 signatures from psychiatry, psychology and pharmacology Always ask teacher for signature after each unit (practical training only)

5 Credit Signature from teacher: only practical training 17 signatures maximum (13 psychiatry, 3 psychology, 1 pharmacology); 80% = 13,6 = 14 signatures Neurobehavioural Sciences I credit: signature from teachers of neurology, ENT and psychiatry on Certificate : Do not forget Certificate, Student´s record and Index!

6 Substitution for missing classes Summer semester Contact

7 Study materials: „Aplikace Výuka“ (Curricular Database) Neurobehavioural Sciences I, 4th year Neurobehavioural Sciences II, 5th year Questions: Vyuka, „Informace o předmětu“ unit „0“ Also, check Vyuka, „Aktuality“ Problems:

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